Home Drinks What Is Gran Lungo? – Is Gran Lungo the Same as Espresso?

What Is Gran Lungo? – Is Gran Lungo the Same as Espresso?

Gran Lungo Coffee, Is Gran Lungo the Same as Espresso

Coffee is an extraordinary freshness drink, more and more types of coffee are available today with various flavors and textures. Some people like to drink espresso, and some people like lattes and so on. There is also a type of Gran Lungo coffee, this is a type of coffee that is between a latte and an espresso.

What is Gran Lungo? This is a drink with the taste of espresso but lighter and smoother. If you are looking for something new from coffee flavors, then Gran Lungo is a drink that you should try.

What is Gran Lungo?

Gran Lungo is a type of espresso from Italy, this coffee is made with a special brewing system that is different from the others, where the flavor profile is more intense than regular espresso. Gran Lungo uses coffee beans that take longer to roast and this adds to the flavour.

Remember, Gran Lungo is not a regular espresso or it would not be the same double espresso as doppio. Doppio is espresso coffee, but it is prepared with twice as much water as espresso, so it tastes a bit less strong than espresso. Meanwhile, Lungos is made with twice the amount of coffee so the taste is very strong.

How did Gran Lungo Coffee become Popular?

Gran Lungo is a coffee that has been popular in Italy since the 1900s, when it was regular coffee that was consumed in small cups, some Italians liked the strong taste and they started making gran lungo. Then the coffee quickly spread throughout Italy and is now known to the world.

Gran Lungos is now one of the most loved coffees in the world. The wide availability of espresso coffee machines means that many people can make their own coffee at a gran lungo rate.

What is the Difference between Lungo and Gran Lungo?

Both types of Italian espresso coffee are made with more or twice the amount of coffee grounds than regular espresso. The word “Lugo” means “Long” in Italian, while gran lungo has an extra long meaning from the first version. So the difference between gran lungo vs lungo is the amount of coffee grounds. Gran lungo is made with twice as much coffee grounds as making lungo. The result of a grand lungo is a more powerful, punchy taste.

For those who want to enjoy a stronger and bold coffee taste, then gran lungo is the choice, and this without the need for additional flavoring. It can also be said that gran lungo coffee has a richer taste than espresso, this is caused by the coffee grind which is quite high.

Another difference between Gran Lungo and lungo is the quantity of coffee, where gran lungo contains 150 ml and lungo 110 ml or standard size.

Is Gran Lungo the Same as Espresso

How to Make a Gran Lungo

What do you need:

  • 2 ounces of coffee beans
  • 1 liter of fresh water
  • Espresso machine
  • A grinder
  • A small cup


– Heat the water to 200 F

– Grind the coffee beans twice the amount you normally use to make espresso

– After grinding, put it in the espresso machine filter, glue it well

– Brew coffee with the “double shot” setting on an espresso machine

– This warm water will flow longer than you use to make espresso

– Now pour the coffee in the cup and enjoy Gran Lungo drinks

So, how to make gran lungo is easy, you just need to pay attention that your coffee powder must be twice as much as regular espresso. Gran lungo certainly produces a stronger and bolder taste.

If you have a Nespresso then your problem is even simpler, you just pop in the gran lungo pod and the machine will do the work for you.

What are the Different Types of Gran Lungo?

There are two types of gran lungo: there is the standard gran lungo and there is the decaffeinated gran lungo. The flavors of dqari are both bold and intense. For those of you who don’t want to include caffeine, then the type of gran lungo without caffeine is perfect and is your best choice.

Gran Lungo without caffeine is also the best choice for those of you who are sensitive to caffeine or those of you who have a certain medical history that requires you to limit caffeine.

Both have a strong taste with a higher concentration of coffee grounds than regular espresso.

How Can I Use Gran Lungo in My Everyday Life?

Gran Lungo can be enjoyed in many ways that we like, you can try it by adding milk or by adding a little sugar. Gran lungo is also sometimes added to the basic ingredients of other coffee drinks such as lattes, mochas and cappuccinos. If you are looking for a strong and bold taste of coffee, then gran lungo is the choice. You can replace regular espresso with gran lungo, then you will feel a different taste than what you usually try.

What cup size is gran lungo?

Typically, serving gran lungo is in a small cup, this is just like in an espresso or cappuccino cup. The cup size should also suit the amount of coffee you want to make. However, the standard size remains, it is 4 ounces. There are also coffee shops that serve it in larger or smaller sizes.

What does Gran Lungo Taste Like?

The taste is bold, intense, this is caused by the use of much more coffee grounds so the taste is also stronger than espresso. Usually, the way to enjoy gran lungo is to keep the black color (the original color of coffee). But there are also those who add milk and sugar.

How much Cffeine is in Gran Lungo?

For those of you who are limiting caffeine or just curious about the level of caffeine in gran lungo, then we tell you that one cup of gran lungo contains 150-200 mg of caffeine. This amount is higher than the standard caffeine consumed in America (100mg-200mg).

Due to its high caffeine content, it is suitable for those of you who want to keep your eyes open all night. But if you want a caffeine-free coffee drink, then the caffeine-free gran lungo is the best choice for you.

Where Can I Buy Gran Lungo?

Gran lungo can now be easily found because coffee shops have started providing gran lungo. But if you want to make it yourself at home, of course you need coffee beans, an espresso machine and a grinder.

How to choose the right gran lungo for you?

Those of you who want to know what gran lungo tastes like, of course you want to try the best and the best quality. So, you have to know what kind of gran lungo is best and right for you.

Here are some tips to get the best gran lungo for you:

First: If you want a caffeine-rich gran lungo, then the choice falls on the standard gran lungo. But if you want to enjoy drinking coffee at night without disturbing your sleep, then you can choose the type of caffeine-free gran lungo.

Second: Choose the appropriate cup, usually gran lungo coffee is served in a small cup. So, if you choose one portion, then take a small cup. If you want two servings, choose a larger cup.

Lats: Think about how you want to enjoy it, whether it’s just with coffee or with added milk or sugar. Gran lungo can also be enjoyed as a basic ingredient for other types of coffee such as cappuccino, latte, mocha and others.

If you want to enjoy coffee in a more adventurous way, then try replacing the espresso with gran lungo coffee.

Recipes for Delicious Gran Lungos

Do you want a delicious gran lungo recipe, you need to bother looking for it again, we have collected some of the best gran lungo recipes which of course have a delicious taste.

– Gran Lungo Cappuccino: Mix 1:1 gran lungo with milk, and top with foam.

– The Gran Lungo Latte: Mix one part gran lungo with one part milk (1:2)

– Gran Lungo Mocha: Mix one part gran lungo with one part chocolate syrup and two parts milk (1:1:2). Topping with whipped cream and enjoy the pleasure.

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What are the Benefits of Gran Lungo?

Gran lungo coffee provides many health benefits. When you drink it in the right portion, you will not only find the pleasure of taste, but also the benefits.

First, by enjoying gran lungo you can find a more intense and stronger coffee taste, and it contains higher levels of caffeine so it is good for those who want to focus on work, want to stay up late and so on.

The rich content of coffee grounds makes the taste very strong and this is quite suitable for those of you who want to taste coffee with a more memorable original taste.

Gran lungo is easy for you to make at home if you have a coffee machine, grinder and quality coffee beans, of course.

Gran lungo coffee is a new way to enjoy the distinctive aroma of coffee with a stronger caffeine content and a different nuance.

Some Side Effects of Gran Lungo

If you feel the effect of regular espresso, then gran lungo will also have the same effect, but the effect may be stronger. Among the effects you may experience are increased heart rate, blood pressure, insomnia, and anxiety. So, if while drinking gran lungo you find a similar effect, then stop drinking it until the effect wears off.

A quick way to get rid of the side effects of coffee is to drink more mineral water. This aims to increase the frequency of your urination so that the process of eliminating caffeine is faster.

FAQs for Gran Lungos

What are the advantages of gran lungo coffee?

The high concentration of coffee grounds makes gran lungo offer many benefits. Among the benefits and advantages is that it gives a bold and intent taste. Then, gran lungo also offers higher caffeine so it is suitable for those who want to get a high energy boost in the morning or want to stay up late at night. Gran lungo also has a complex taste compared to regular espresso. The coffee beans that are used as ingredients for gran lungos are roasted to perfection so that the aroma feels different from other coffees.

What is the difference between Gran Lungo Vs Espresso?

The main difference is that gran lungo has more coffee grounds, hence a bolder and stronger taste. In addition, gran lungo also contains caffeine which is higher than regular espresso.

Is Gran Lungo stronger than espresso?

Yes, there is more ground coffee powder in gran lungo so the taste is stronger than regular espresso. Also, gran lungos contain more caffeine than you would get in an espresso.

Is lungo espresso or coffee?

No, Lungo is coffee that is thinner than espresso because it uses more water. Unlike the case with gran lungos which is high in powder and water and tastes stronger than regular espresso.

Is Gran Lungo stronger than coffee?

Gran lungo is stronger than coffee because more coffee grounds are used. Besides being stronger in taste, the caffeine content is also higher, the taste is also more complex than regular coffee.

Is lungo the same as Americano?

Not the same, lungo is different from Americano. Americano is made by adding hot water to espresso, so the drink is less thick, watery, and less powerful. Lungo is made by doubling the water, and the drink becomes weaker. Very different from gran lungo which is rich in dregs and high in coffee and caffeine.

Is Nespresso as good as real espresso?

Nespresso is almost the same as espresso where it is made using a special machine for Nespresso. Nespresso machines don’t produce as much cream or foam on top of espresso as espresso machines do.

Is lungo 2 shots of espresso?

No, lungi is different from espresso, where lungo uses twice as much water as the amount of water in espresso, so lungo is lighter or waterier.

Can you put milk in a lungo?

Yes, you can enjoy lungo with added milk, we recommend using whole milk or 2% milk for best results.

How do you drink a lungo?

Lungo can be enjoyed hot or cold. Hot lungo is delicious with milk or sugar added. But if you like the cold version you can add ice on top and a little milk.

For a richer taste you can add other ingredients in lungo like cinnamon or vanilla extract.

Is lungo good for health?

Yes, lungo is good for health. Coffee is a drink that has many health benefits such as reducing the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee is also a good antioxidant in improving cognitive function, fighting premature aging, preventing wrinkles and others.