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About me

Hi, I’m Ubaid and food is something special to me, not only because of its deliciousness but its health benefits.

The distinctive aroma of food from the kitchen is something that is fun for the family and this makes us and our family enjoy it in a relaxed manner and we derive happiness from here. Nothing can bring a family together perfectly except the delicious food that always comes from our kitchen.

When it’s time to eat, all the family gathers at the dinner table and it’s a very happy moment for us.

Well, the purpose of creating this FoodEatings blog is to bring joy through food to families.

  1. Food is fun and gives happiness
  2. Food brings families together
  3. Food is a unique yet enjoyable experience
  4. Food is love.

We believe in delicious and perfect food, it can bring you goals and fun in your day. Food plays a big role in creating a happy family.

On my site, you will take a walk with me to see the various benefits of food and food recipes from our beloved kitchen. We will provide a lot of information about food that can inspire you and inspire you to present it in your own kitchen.

How I Got Here

After cooking for a long time, we know that cooking is fun for the soul, even all family members enjoy it, especially the children. Gathering together at the dinner table while telling stories is something that is valuable in the family. Then, nothing is more fun than cooking, and making the kitchen always smell of food.

I’m not really a cooking expert, but what’s wrong with us sharing cooking experiences, and various other information related to food and diet. But apparently, after presenting this food site, many friends also emailed me asking me for cooking ideas.

We don’t just talk about food, but also about kitchen equipment, types of healthy food, flavors of various foods, and food recipes, of course.

Being creative about food will provide many experiences, not only for yourself but also for others, sharing cooking experiences is something fun because the world of cooking has no boundaries. After sharing food for a long time, it turns out that there are many benefits for other people, so I decided to build a cooking experience sharing platform that we call FoodEatings.com and this is also what drives us to build this blog.

While sharing experiences, it turns out that I also learned a lot from other blogs about various foods and their recipes. So, I think writing a food blog is very beneficial. So, for those of you who like my content, please share it with people you know or on your social media.