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What Does Kumquat Taste Like? Does It Delicious?

What Does Kumquat Taste Like

What are Kumquats? These are small oranges with a mix of oranges and grapefruit. Kumquats are usually eaten with the skin. The juice is also one of the best alternatives for making cocktails.

Kumquats have a unique taste, but they can also be added to other fruit drinks to give them a richer taste.

Kumquats have a unique taste, you can also mix Kumquat fruit drinks with other fruits to get a better taste.

In this article we will explain in detail about ” What does Kumquat taste like, does it taste good?”.

We will talk about the taste of Kumquat with other fruits. If you are curious about the taste of this exotic biah, then keep reading this article until it’s finished.

What is Kumquat?

What is Kumquat

Kumquats are small, slightly oblong oranges native to the southeastern part of China. This citrus fruit was first brought to America by Henry Perrine, who grew kumquats on his land in Fort Pierce Florida back around the 1870s.

Initially, the kumquat plant was grown as an ornamental plant, and now it is being planted and cultivated as a plant for its fruit, and eating kumquats is very easy because this citrus fruit can be eaten together with the skin.

Kumquats are only about 15 feet tall, have glossy green leaves and they flower December through February.

The fruit is round, slightly oval, about the size of a golf ball, and can be eaten whole without removing the skin.

Kumquat fruit is a fairly good source of vitamin C, this fruit contains up to 3X more vitamin C than oranges and also contains more vitamin C than lemons in general.

In addition, Kumquat also contains potassium which is very useful for stabilizing blood pressure.

Calcium-rich fruits can prevent osteoporosis by strengthening bones, preventing brittle bones due to lack of phosphorus.

Now, there is a suggestion to eat Kumquats regularly to benefit the heart. This fruit can reduce the risk of heart disease such as atherosclerosis.

What does Kumquat Taste Like?

What does Kumquat Taste Like? Does Kumquat Taste Good

What does Kumquat feel like? In general, it tastes sharp and sweet, precisely like a combination of orange and grapefruit.

Kumquat is a unique fruit because it can be eaten thoroughly without having to peel his thin skin.

It is also often used as an ingredient in food recipes such as jam, sauce for duck chest cooking.

So, the Kumquat flavor profile ranges from sweet and sour or somewhat similar to the taste of citrus, but this depends on the variety, considering the kumquat also consists of several types.

Kumquat’s skin is often eaten and even widely used in dishes.

Usually, kumquat meat is eaten raw, but some are cooked into jam, sometimes made sauce for duck meat, adding sharp taste and adding sweet levels.

How do you know if a kumquat is ripe?

If you want to choose a good kumquat, then choose the bigger weight, and the color is orange green. If the mass is too light, usually the kumquat has a sour or bitter taste.

The way to find out the mature kumquat is to squeeze it, if you feel the fruit tight, but soft when pressed, this indicates this fruit can be consumed.

Another way is to try to kiss it, and feel the aroma like Citrus. You can also feel a little sweet there. If you find something like that, then take it from the branch, if you wait until tomorrow, then it will be too ripe and not good.

Do Kumquats Taste Like Oranges?

Right, it feels rather the same as orange, but how the same, this depends on the variety.

Some of them have a taste that is very similar to Citrus and feels very the same as orange. While others sometimes feel very acidic and somewhat impressed like the taste of lemon.

How many Kumquats should be you eat per day?

If you like to eat kumquat, how much you should eat. Can kumquat be eaten as much as possible because it is rich with vitamin C or even vice versa.

Kumquat fruit contains low sugar, and you have to eat kumquat in a natural amount to avoid weight gain. One or two kumquats every day is the best choice.

If you eat kumquat for your health purposes, then you should not think about eating more.

Eating kumquat regularly two kumquats every day, then this fruit will provide great benefits for health. The benefits of kumquat are lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. So, make sure you eat it in a reasonable portion or 100 grams every day. This is the best choice for maintaining health.

How to store kumquat?

Do you buy a large amount of kumquat and now you can’t spend at once, of course you can save it for tomorrow. But make sure you keep your kumquat in the right way. How do you store kumquats properly and correctly?

Storing in the refrigerator can make Kumquat last up to two weeks.

If you want to store kumquats at room temperature, then place it in a paper bag and store above and stay away from direct sunlight.

You can also store Kumquats in the freezer for up to six months.

But if you want to store longer, then the choice is to freeze it.

How to freeze it is to put on one layer of parchment paper, and then wrap it with aluminum foil and then just save it in the freezer.


Now we assume you already know what kind of kumquat? Of course it feels good and refreshing. This fruit has a sweet taste but has a citrus -scented, can be said to be sharp, sweet and like a combination of grapefruit and citrus.

Kumquat fruit has great benefits for health because it is rich in antioxidants in the form of vitamin C, even antioxidants can be more up to 3 times than orange itself.

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Among the benefits of eating kumquat regularly is to reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and should be eaten in a reasonable portion of 100 grams per day.

In the beginning, this plant grew up in Southeast China, but then began to spread in various parts of the world. In America, the Kumquat plant was first brought by Henry Perrine who planted it on his land.