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What Does Catfish Taste Like? How to Cook Catfish?

What Does Catfish Taste Like

If you are still unsure about the taste of catfish, then you should read this article. We will answer your curiosity about what does catfish taste like, and how to cook it.

Catfish is a freshwater fish with soft but delicious flesh. You may increasingly want to know how it feels? Keep reading this article because we will explain to you about catfish here until you lose your curiosity.

Talking about the taste of catfish, it has a very distinctive taste and it is comparable to some other fish in general. Usually, catfish is a typical fish in rural areas, but now many restaurants are starting to provide fried catfish, even restaurants in urban areas.

This is a fresh water fish, but very tempting, it tastes unique, delicious with a soft texture of the meat.

Come follow me, we will learn a lot about catfish, what does catfish taste like and how to cook it.

What Is Catfish?

What Is Catfish

Catfish or also known as catfishes are a group of ray-finned fish, these fish are famous for their long whiskers like cat whiskers. So, this equation causes catfish to be called “paint”.

But not all catfish have long and prominent mustaches because some of them only have short whiskers on the side of their mouths.

Catfish is not a difficult fish to cultivate, it can easily live in various water conditions. He usually lives in brackish, ponds, ponds, rivers, rice fields or even in salt water though.

Some catfish like to live in still water, while others like to live in moving water such as flowing rivers.

Catfish is worth a try, for those of you who haven’t tasted the delicious catfish, it seems like you should try this fish immediately because of its taste and nutrition. The catfish is rich in vitamin B12, where one serving contains 2.36 micro-grams which almost meets the daily recommendation for adults (2.4 micro-grams).

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Catfish are also a source of choline, where the function of choline for health is for healthy cell membranes.

What Does Catfish Taste Like? Does Catfish Taste Good?

What Does Catfish Taste Like? Does Catfish Taste Good?
Catfish fillet

What does catfish taste like? It’s very impressive, so we tell you to give it a try. The taste of catfish is sweet, moist, light, with soft flesh but usually hard on the edges of the body (if fried).

When compared to whitefish and herring, like catfish is almost the same but it is more moist and sweet.

This is different from most fish, where catfish in cultivation are preferred over those that live wild, because wild catfish are usually more smelly and muddy, while cultivated catfish are more stable and steady.

Catfish that are cultivated are also regulated by the food safety section of the “Food and Drug Administration” and these fish are fed with grains.

Catfish do not have scales like trout or salmon, this makes it very easy for you to prepare them for cooking. Just like an eel that has no scales at all.

One type of catfish from Vietnam is very soft, called “the Basa or Vietnamese catfish”, the texture is also smooth, maybe this is very suitable for those who are not too familiar with catfish or are just getting acquainted with this freshwater fish.

So, what does catfish taste like? Overall, the taste of catfish is sweet, light, moist, and in no way comparable to fish such as sardines, rock-fish, swordfish, pompano, whitefish, or herring.

How To Cook Catfish?

How To Cook Catfish
baked catfish

Well, you already know how it feels. What if you buy catfish and want to cook it yourself, what is the recipe or how to cook catfish properly? Let’s see the following review.

The texture of the catfish is soft and moist, and it is a home-style fried fish that is really liked.

But unfortunately, catfish, like chicken breast, can get chewy quickly if cooked too well.

You can cook catfish in a number of ways, but the easiest way to prepare it is to fry it. But you should know that some catfish are tastier than others.

For example, the bluegill catfish is famous for its rich and delicious meat, it is fatty so it tastes more savory and delicious.

Apart from frying, you can also bake, pan fried, grilled, or cook with an Indian-style curry recipe.

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Catfish fillets that are soaked in salt water can also be very tempting salted fish. Try cutting the meat, and soaking it in salt water, then drying it. If it’s dry, try frying it and it’s delicious.

As we have mentioned that wild or caught catfish can smell like the place where it lives. When you want to eat it, you also have to know whether the place where it lives is safe and free from chemicals.

Some water bodies or places where wild fish live sometimes contain heavy metals, chemicals and pollutants that can affect fish. So, be careful eating caught wild fish.

Final Thoughts

That’s an important review of catfish, you are expected to know what catfish tastes like and how to cook it. If you want to cook catfish yourself at home, then choose fried catfish recipes that are widely available on the internet, as well as grilled or baked catfish recipes.

This is the time to try catfish, if before you heard that catfish is not good, or can not be eaten, then now is the time to try it because it is nutritious and the tastes is good too.