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What Do Plantains Taste Like? Do Plantains Taste like Bananas?

What Do Plantains Taste Like

Have you heard the name plantains, what do plantains taste like, do they taste like bananas or something different. Now is the time for you to taste the banana but it’s actually not a banana. If you like to eat bananas, chances are you also like to eat plantains.

You can reduce your sugar supply by using different substitutes for bananas. Plantains are bananas but different from regular bananas, you must be wondering about this banana taste like, is this fun?

We’re talking about the taste of plantains, what plantains taste like can you describe it. Ok, can’t wait to tell you all about  plantains fruit taste.

It tastes really good and looks exactly like an ordinary banana.

If you are curious about the taste of plantains, here we will explain what it tastes like, how is the best way to eat it. Read on!

What are Plantains?

What are Plantains

Plantains or some say it as cooking banana, is actually a cultivated banana belonging to the genus Musa, the fruit of plantains can be used for cooking.

However, usually plantains are eaten when cooked, or some are still raw, the taste is rich in flour.

Plantains come from the same area as bananas, namely Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and others. But there are also cultivated in Egypt, India, and tropical areas in America. Plantains are larger, harder and have thicker skin than bananas.

Technically, plantains are fruits but they are closer to tomatoes than they are to bananas. Plantains are eaten and cooked like vegetables and not like fruit, most of which are not made into vegetables.

Plantains are not eaten raw, the reason being that they are difficult to peel, but eating them must be preceded by cooking them first.

What Do Plantains Taste Like? Is this Like Bananas?

This is what makes many people curious, what does plantains fruit taste like. Ok, when they are still green, this fruit taste is bland and have a starchy texture. Maybe it’s like a tang or like it tastes like Yuca. However, ripe plantains will be yellow in color and taste slightly sweet.

What Do Plantains Taste Like

When fully ripe, plantains have an almost black skin, they taste very sweet at this point, and are fragrant. Indeed visually, plantains look like bananas but they don’t always taste the same as bananas, and plantains are also a bit hard.

Plantains taste is similar to the taste of a banana when they are very ripe, especially if you cook them on the grill.

Further, plantains contain less sugar than other bananas in general. So, the process for eating plantains is always cooked first.

Ripe plantains are yellow-black with black dots and specks on the skin, and taste like caramelized sugar. In general the taste of plantains ranges from sweet to slightly starchy, so what do plantains taste like? This varies according to the degree of ripeness. The ripe the plantains, the sweeter they will taste.

If you have plantains but they are rotting, then you can replace them with bananas.

Best Way To Eat Plantains?

Since plantains must be cooked, the best way to eat plantains is by boiling them or by frying them. Most people suggest that you fry it or boil it.

You can also turn plantains into tostones (twice fried plantains), they are cut into thin slices, fried like banana chips, these will be crunchy and tasty.

Plantains are also suitable as a side dish for lunch, served with beans and rice.

Plantains are very popular in the Caribbean, and they are used in many recipes in many countries, especially the Caribbean.

Among the very popular plantains recipes are:

– Mofongo: These are mashed plantains with pork and garlic crackers

– Jibarito: This is a very popular plantains sandwich of mashed plantains

– Cazuela de camaron: A prawn dish with peanut sauce and plantains.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully this explanation can provide the information you are looking for, especially about what plantains taste like, whether they taste sweet or not. Hopefully the information we provide can provide many benefits.

You can try it in various recipes or just boil it, or fry it. You can fry them when the plantains are very well cooked or when they are still raw (sliced thinly as chips). What is clear is that this will be a delicious dish for you.