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Jackfruits vs. Durian: What’s The Difference?

Jackfruits vs. Durian

Jackfruit and durian, where is the difference between the two? Are both of them from the same family. Jackfruit and durian are thick fruits with prickly skin, especially durians. The fruit flesh is also thick and very distinctive, delicious and evocative. Jackfruit vs durian, what is the difference between the two. Let’s review it in this article.

Jackfruit and durian are tropical fruits that have a lot in common. But the two are not from the same family. Jackfruit and durian are fruits native to Southeast Asia, they are large in size and have a very distinctive smell.

Jackfruit is a plant that is more than 5000 years old. This is a fruit from South India, jackfruit comes from the Moraceae family or is still in the same family as the fig plant.

If you want to know what fruit is the biggest in the world, then the answer is jackfruit. The fruit grows on the trunk of a large tree or on large branches that can support it to develop. It dates from the 15th century and is believed to have come from Kalimantan and Sumatra.

While durian is not the largest fruit, it does have a unique and distinctive flavor profile. The fruit is smaller and the size is about 1/3 of a jackfruit. This is also the reason why durian fruit can grow on very high branches.

Appearance and Smell

Jackfruit and durian are fruits with a distinctive smell, both of which have quite a dominant odor profile. Both have a unique smell but durian is stronger and more distinctive.

Jackfruit is more of a bulge on the skin and durian is more of a thorn. The thorns all over the durian are very strong and hard and even peeling them is very difficult to do.

Jackfruits are usually 2 feet across and can weigh up to 4 pounds. This smelly fruit is sometimes banned in public places. The pungent smell for some people feels strange and unpleasant. But for durian fans, this unique smell is a must-hunt.


When we compare jackfruit vs durian, they are very different in terms of taste and texture.

Jackfruit has different flavors according to the level of ripeness. Ripe jackfruit is very dense, sweet and fibrous. When they are raw, they taste mild, similar to meat and you can cook them in your favorite recipes.

While durian is a fruit with a creamy texture, soft like a ripe banana, tastes sweet, and tastes like sweet cheese. Durian has a sweet taste that is difficult to describe.


Jackfruit vs durian, from the nutritional side is almost the same. But there are the main differences between them, where durian is higher in fiber, rich in fat, and carbohydrates, while jackfruit is richer in terms of protein.

While in terms of miniral, durian is higher in copper, iron and zinc content. While jackfruit is higher in terms of calcium, potassium. While vitamins in durian are higher vitamins B1, B2, and jackfruit in terms of vitamins are higher in vitamins A and E.

Both contain antibacterial that fight innate food pathogens, and resistant bacteria to drugs. This extraordinary benefit is inseparable from vitamin C and flavonoids in jackfruit and durian.

jackfruit vs durian fruit

Uses of Jackfruit and Durian

More durian is used as a sweet food, and jackfruit is widely used as a substitute for meat (raw jackfruit), while jackfruit is ripely used to make cakes. Here we give some ideas to process jackfruit and durian. Peru you know that in the state it is difficult to find durian, while jack-fruit is available in the form of cans in stores.

jackfruit vs durian fruit

Jack-fruit processing ideas

Jack-fruit can be used to make food such as Jack-fruit Carnitas, BBQ Jackfruit, and Jackfruit Curry.

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Durian Processing Ideas

Usually sweet durian fruit is widely used for making ice cream, durian shakes, and sponge cakes from durian.