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How Much Juice in One Lime?

How Much Juice in One Lime

The Lime juice is an important ingredient in human life, it has quite a variety of benefits. Even almost all lines of life, in cooking, in cosmetics and many more.

In fact, there are so many recipes that rely on lime as an important ingredient, you definitely know what recipes you always pair with lime juice. But what is always asked is how much juice is in one lime.

Usually, one medium lime can provide about 2 tablespoons of juice. 2 tablespoons of this is about 29 ml of juice. To get a lot of juice you have to know how to squeeze the right lime.

How Much Juice in One Lime

Lime round shape, rich in vitamin C, and the color is green, the taste is very sour.

In addition, lime is also packed with many nutrients for humans, so when consuming it, we can get many benefits from it.

If you want to make a recipe that requires you to use juice, then you have to prepare it first.

Lime varies and some have more juice than others. Then you have to know which type of lime is best for you.

Below is how to choose the best lime to get the most juice.

Choosing Lime for Juicing

Choosing Lime for Juicing

There is a way to choose limes because not all of them contain a lot of juice, of course you choose limes with the most juice content. We have experience with limes, so here we provide tips and how to choose the right limes to get the most juice. Follow our guide below!

1. The heavier, the better

When choosing the fruit, make sure you take the one with a heavier weight. The heavier it is, the more juice it contains. So, you can compare the existing limes.

Lime fruit that is heavier indicates it is still very fresh and it provides enough lime juice that you can use for your various purposes.

These tips also apply to those of you who choose other types of oranges such as kumquat orange.

2. Avoid limes with bubbly skin

Usually, limes that have a lot of water have smooth and slippery skin. The lime skin you choose should not be bubbled, and there should not be nipples at the ends like lemons.

If you see limes that have nipples, then avoid them because they have little juice. There is no scientific explanation for this, but it’s all based on experience. Please follow our advice to get lime with the most juice content.

3. Firm limes have more juice

Firm lime has much more juice than soft lime. Firm limes packing with so much lime juice, so always buy limes with this condition. Lime with shiny skin and firm one.

4. The greener the color the better

How to choose a lime that has a lot of juice also lies in its color. The greener the lime, the more juice it contains.

Usually, limes are dark green in color, and the color will turn yellow as they age. If we look at other fruits, the older they are, the more juice they will have.

But it’s different with lime, the older it is, the more it loses its liquid. So, limes with bright green color have more juice than limes that are dark green or yellow. So, buy a lime with a bright green color.

5. Choose limes that yield a little pressure.

A good lime is the one with the least amount of pressure when you squeeze or squeeze it with your fingers.

If it doesn’t produce pressure, chances are your lime isn’t producing a lot of juice. While on the other hand, lime feels too soft, it is certain that there is no water or so little.

How Much Juice in One Lime?

How Much Juice is in One Lime

When you squeeze a medium-sized lime with the correct method as below, you can collect this much juice. Check out the results below!

Each half of a lime yields a tablespoon of juice. So, one medium-sized can produce two tablespoons of juice.

Meanwhile, two tablespoons of juice is equivalent to 29 milliliters of juice. So, one medium lime-fruit contains 29 ml of juice when you extract it the right way. Check out our guide below.

  1. So, if you already know, of course you already know how much lime you have to buy to use in your recipe.
  2. So, if your recipe calls for you to use 4 tablespoons of juice, then you need 2 medium limes.
  3. To extract the juice from limes, we suggest you to use a hand-held juicer. If you only use your hands, the lime juice will not come out optimally.
  4. If you extract lime or other citrus juices every day, then it is important that you buy a manual juice press, this will make your work easier and less energy consuming.

As an alternative you can also use an electric juicer, with this tool you will get the most juice.

I use a hand-held juicer, it’s not only cheap, but also easy to operate, it’s cheaper than electric juicer or manual juicer.

Getting the Most Juice Out of Limes

How to get the most juice from limes? After you know what kind of lime you bought, now you need to learn how to make juice properly so that it doesn’t go to waste with the pulp.

If we don’t squeeze it properly, of course a lot of juice will be wasted along with the skin or dregs.

Learning how to make lime juice is a simple skill but you can’t do it without learning. Here’s how to make it properly, please refer to our guide.

Items needed:

  • Small bowl
  • Sharp knife
  • Juice maker, or handheld juicer


  1. Before juicing the limes, place the limes in a microwave-safe dish, heat them for 10 seconds, this microwave heat will break the film holding the lime juice in.
  2. Wait a minute to cool, then use your palm to roll it across the kitchen counter, massaging the lime like this will release more juice.
  3. Then, use a sharp knife to slice the fruit, cutting it crosswise so more juice will escape
  4. Then place in the handheld juicer, remember, the unskinned side should be facing down, squeeze both handles of the juicer so the juice will squeeze out in the bowl. To extract more, do it again on another part of the lime with the same method.
  5. If you have squeezed out all it, then use a strainer to separate the seeds and juice. When finished, pour the juice that you get in a measuring spoon.

How to Cut a Lime to Get more Juice


Even though lime juice has many benefits, for people with certain conditions it can cause side effects. Among the side effects of lime is allergy. If you experience allergies after consuming this juicy fruit, then get medical help immediately.

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Lime contains a lot of citric acid, this content sometimes causes you to experience nausea and heartburn. So, if you want to drink it, then consume it in moderation (moderation is key).