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How Many Calories are in a Slice of Pizza?

How Many Calories are in a Slice of Pizza?
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Here we will discuss about pizza, this is the most popular food in the world. One of the countries that eat the most pizza is America. Pizza is a deliciouss and evocative food, but do you know how many calories are in a slice of pizza? This is a calorie-rich food, wherein a slice of cheese pizza contains about 200 calories.

Meanwhile, for pepperoni pizza, just one slice can contain 250 calories. How do you eat one whole pizza. The amount of calorie content is influenced by the ingredients in making pizza and the topping ingredients.

If you want to eat this high calorie food, sure you have to pay attention and consider the calorie intake and its effect to your body.

Factors that Determine Calorie Count

So, how many calories are in one pizza? the amounts of this calorie are influenced by several things such as what ingredients that pizza’s maker use, the sauce that used, and any type of cheese, and the topping ingredients that can vary between different types of pizza also give the affect.

The biggest factor that contributes to the number of calories in a slice of pizza is the dough used. Some use thick dough and some thin. Thin pizza is less caloric than thick pizza. The large amount of dough that comes from flour will increase the calorie level because flour is one of the ingredients that is rich in calories.

Another factor that determines the calorie content of pizza is the sauce. Tomato sauce for example, this is a type of sauce that contains sugar. Sugar is the same as flour where it is included in high calorie sources.

So, if you avoid high calories, then eat a slightly sweet pizza.

In addition to the factors above, making pizza also uses cheese as a topping. We know that cheese is an ingredient that contains high calories, so if your cheese is topped or mixed with melted cheese, then of course this will enrich the calorie content even more.

If the pizza is topped with lots of high-calorie ingredients, like cheese, so the calorie content of this food will be even higher. Usually, it is topped with various ingredients such as sausage, pepperoni and so on. For a healthier choice, you should use vegetables as a topping.

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Calories in a Thin Crust Pizza Slice

Most people choose the thin crust pizza slice because it is considered a healthier food than other types of pizza with a lower calorie content. But do you know how many calorie content is actually.

Actually, it is still varies from one thin crust pizza slice to another because it really depends on the type of topping. You see, toppings that used also give a lot of calories if yuu do use the ingredients that are rich in calories.

Usually, a slice of thin crust pizza contains about 200 calories, this is of course lower when compared to other types of pizza which can sometimes c0ntain as many as 350 calories.

So, when you know this calorie content amount, we can say that a thin crust pizza slice can be your best choice for a healthier eating. This is important for those of you who can’t avoid pizza in your diet. Instead of eating pizza that is high in calories, it’s better to find one with fewer calories or lower.

However, paying attention to your portions is important, the delicious taste of this snack sometimes make you eat up to 3 pieces without you realizing it. If this is the case, thenn you are still eating a lot of calories.

Calories in a Hand-Tossed Pizza Slice

What about the calorie content in a Hand-Tossed Pizza Slice? Is it the same as what you find in thin crust pizza? Of course not the same.

The number of calories in a Hand-Tossed Pizza Slice really depends on the size of the pizza, the ingredients used and the toppings as well. Of course when compared to other pizzas, this pizza uses different ingredients so the calorie levels are also different.

On average, each Hand-Tossed Pizza Slice contains 300-400 calories, again depending on the size of the slice. So, up to here, you must have understood that this type of pizza has more calorie content. So, you don’t need to eat much. Just one slice is rich in carbohydrates, fat, protein, and calories.

If you are one of those who pay attention to your calorie intake due to adopting a certain diet, then a Hand-Tossed Pizza is not the best choice for you. You are better off choosing thin crust pizza. Then look at the amount of cheese, you should choose a pizza with less cheese. Then, choose a topping that uses vegetables instead of using meat or sausage.

So, the conclusion is that pizza is a delicious and healthy food as long as you consume it in a proportionate portion. Remember, this is a calorie-rich food, so pay attention to the amount of your consumption.

Calories in a Deep Dish Pizza Slice

Now let’s see how many calories are in a Deep Dish Pizza Slice. Talking about the type of Deep Dish Pizza Slice, a slice can contain as many as 250 calories. But when you add pepperoni or sausage, the calorie count increases. Even levels can be 350 cal or even 400 cal.

So, even if you buy a Deep Dish Pizza Slice, pay attention to the toppings so you don’t get high calories. For a healthier option, try using vegetables as the topping.

supreme pizza
a supreme pizza with all the toppings, you could be eating over 400 calories, img: southernliving.com

Vegetables not only reduce calories but can also add other nutrients that are important for health. If you really want to reduce your calorie supply, then simply consume smaller portions. Remember, moderation is key.

Calories in a Stuffed Crust Pizza Slice

For those of you who pay attention to your weight, it is very important to look at the number of calories in every food you eat, especially pizza, which is packed with calories. For example a Stuffed Crust Pizza Slice, this one slice can contain 400 cal, a huge amount.

So, choosing a pizza must pay attention to the type of pizza, for example the thin crust pizza contains fewer calories, the same goes for the type of topping, you should choose a pizza with vegetable toppings. Then, if you don’t find a pizza with these characteristics, then it would be great for you to cut the portion. Eat only one small piece, so that the calories are not overflowing.

But if you are already eating large portions of pizza, then the way to cut calories is to exercise. Exercise is the best way to burn calories in the body.

Effect of Toppings on Pizza Calorie Count

Pizza is a food made with a certain flour dough which already contains a lot of calories. Then, when it is topped with high-calorie types of ingredients, the calorie levels automatically increase. For example, the toppings, the crust and the cheese used can have a large effect on the overall calorie count.

Pizza Crust

Pizza crust is one thing that affects calories. For example, a traditional hand-tossed crust will contribute a lot of calories because it’s made with white flour. For fewer calories you can try the whole wheat crust thin crust. This is less dough so the calorie count is also lower.


The use of cheese also affects calories, for example mozzarella, this is a type of cheese that is very popular in making pizza and has a lower calorie content than other types of cheese.


Toppings are the ingredients on top of the pizzaam, for a lower calorie option you can choose a vegetable topping, or grilled chicken or fish. If this type of pizza is topped with sausages, meat, then the calorie content will be higher.

The Healthiest Toppings for Pizza

We alr3ady know that most of the toppings for pizza are rich in calories, so they are not healthy for those who are on a diet to lose weight. So, there needs to be an alternative to be able to consume healthier pizza, the way is to use healthier toppings.

Among the healthy toppings for pizza are vegetables, they are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables also include fo0ds that are rich in fiber. Among the healthy vegetables include peppers, onions, mushrooms, and spinach.

Healthiest Toppings for Pizza with vegetables

You can als0 use lean protein, this is a great food to fill you up quickly. Among the lean proteins are turkey, chicken, and shrimp.

If you want to use cheese, then use the best cheese like mozzarella cheese and goat cheese. Both are lower in calories and healthier than other traditional cheeses. You can also use a topping of healthy fats such as from avocado, olive oil or almond oil.

Ways to Reduce Calories in Pizza

To enjoy a healthy pizza, there are ways you can do it. This is by reducing calories by using ingredients that are low in calories or by making toppings from vegetables such as peppers and others.

Another way to reduce calories in pizza is to reduce the use of cheese in the base ingredients. Then when making toppings you can also use vegetables or replace them with low-calorie cheese such as mozzarella cheese.

So, there are many ways you can do to reduce the calories in your pizza. It’s very easy for you if you make it yourself. If you order a pizza you can also tell the pizza maker to cut down on calorie-rich ingredients.

Alternatives to Pizza for Healthy Eating

We admit that pizza is a delicious food and is very comfortable and quite popular in society, not only in America but throughout the world, this food is very popular. However, it becomes a dilemma for fans because this food is very high in calories. We all know that one slice of pizza sometimes has 300 or even 400 calories, which is a large number. Just imagine if you eat three slices of pizza at one sitting, of course you have consumed a lot of calories that are not needed by the body.

So, to make pizza healthier, you can use healthy ingredients such as goat cheese or mozzarella. In addition, there are many types of vegetables that you can use as a topping. Vegetables are natural ingredients that are healthy and rich in nutrients. Instead of using sausages, using vegetables will provide many important nutrients for the body and this will make you not have to be afraid of pizza anymore.

There are many alternatives for your pizza, if you are afraid of calories, then try pizza with vegetable toppings or thin crust pizza which are much lower in calories.

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Conclusion: Calories in a Slice of Pizza

The calorie content of a slice of pizza varies, but a lower calorie pizza is a thin crust pizza with a thinner crust. A slice of pizza crust contains calories between 200 cal.

As for pepperoni pizza, the calorie habit is around 250 cal for each slice or slice.

Next, hand-tossed pizza, it contains more calories, it’s between 300 cal to 400 cal per slice. There is also a Deep Dish Pizza type of pizza, for one slice it contains 250 cal, but if you use a topping of sausage or pepperoni, the calorie content can reach 300 cal per slice.

Then there is the type of pizza stuffed crust pizza, this American food contains quite high calories, one slice can reach 400 calories. Imagine if you eat up to 4 slices while you are watching TV and so on.

If you want to enjoy a healthier pizza, then you can try a pizza made from mozzarella or goat cheese, then pay attention to the toppings, choose a topping using vegetables instead of using meat.