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How to Freeze Portobello Mushrooms for Maximum Flavor and Texture

Freeze Portobello Mushrooms

How to Freeze Portobello Mushrooms? Mushrooms are one of the healthy foods that are low in calories, one of which is Portobello Mushrooms. It is not only delicious, but can also be prepared in various ways. In addition to being low in calories which is good for dieters, this mushroom is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories which are good for preventing various dangerous diseases such as cancer and coronary heart disease.

However, it’s a shame that Portobello Mushrooms are very difficult to store and if not stored properly, they spoil very easily, their texture is soft, and this makes them vulnerable to spoilage. Portobello mushroom is said to be very soft compared to some other mushrooms.

So some people recommend freezing them, and this frozen Portobello Mushrooms is the best way to store them. This will preserve its texture, and is safer than using other storage methods.

How to Freeze Portobello Mushrooms

How to Freeze Portobello Mushrooms

So how do you freeze portobello mushrooms to extend their shelf life? Check out the reviews and the following steps.

1. Take a portobello that is still fresh and firm, and don’t use one that has changed color or is already soft because it won’t last longer.

2. Clean the portobello mushrooms thoroughly using a soft brush or with a cotton swab, being careful.

3. Cut the mushrooms into thin slices, this will help them spread more evenly and can prevent them from getting soggy during cooking.

4. Then place the mushroom slices on a baking sheet, line it with parchment paper, and make sure the slices don’t stick together.

5. Now you can freeze the mushrooms until solid or about 2 hours.

6. If it has frozen, now you can transfer it to the freezer container, make a label on the bag, container and give the date so that you can easily identify it later.

7. Portobello mushrooms can last in the freezer for up to 6 months. If the mushrooms are ready to use, then you don’t need to thaw them first, when you want to add them to a dish, or a dish, you just need to add them and they will melt on their own in a pan or together with other dishes.

How to Use Portobella Mushrooms?

Before freezing it, you have to prepare it first or clean it as we have briefly explained above.

Mushrooms are usually a delicious dish for pasta dishes, soups or stir-fries. You can also use it as a filling for bread, cheese or grilled mushrooms as a delicious appetizer.

We usually cook mushrooms as a clear soup dish or include them in other dishes such as vegetables or fish dishes.

The Best Way to Store and Freeze Your Portobello Mushrooms

Storing portobella mushrooms must be done carefully and supported by adequate knowledge and information, otherwise these mushrooms will spoil quickly and you can lose delicious ingredients for your cooking.

We have explained how to freeze portobello mushrooms above, now we will explain in more detail about how to store portobello mushrooms properly, this is important to note so that your mushrooms stay fresh until the time you use them.

First; choose the type of mushroom that is still fresh and hard, take the dry and firm one, avoid taking mushrooms on the market that have changed color, for example portobello which has black spots. Avoid something like this!

Second; Once you have selected the best mushrooms, now when you clean them, remove dust, grass or adhering soil, clean them with running water slowly, you can use a soft brush, and make sure not to damage the surface of the mushrooms.

Third; cut the onion stems, the onion parts are set aside and can be used for certain dishes such as adding to instant noodles and others.

If everything is done, now you can freeze it. Once frozen, remove and place in an airtight container or freezer bag for longer freezing, and don’t forget to label the package so you can easily identify it at a later date.

When you want to use it, you can easily put it in the pan along with other vegetables, frozen portobello mushrooms can easily thaw when cooked.

The Benefits of Freezing Portobello Mushrooms

Those of you who want to store or extend the shelf life of portobello mushrooms may be wondering whether these mushrooms can be frozen or vice versa? the answer is “yes”, you can freeze it and there are several benefits that you can get from freezing portobello.

Mushroom growers recommend that when freezing them, you choose mushrooms that are fresh or young (not old mushrooms). Freezing it can provide many benefits such as preserving its texture and deliciousness for a long time, and it is a food that can be added to many dishes.

Immediately, we will see what are the benefits of freezing portobello mushrooms below.

  1. Freezing portobello mushrooms retains their flavor
  2. Freezing them can also preserve their texture
  3. Keeps portobello mushrooms fresh and preserves their original taste
  4. Freezing it can make it one of the best additions to your future meals.
  5. Preserving and maintaining its freshness can save your household budget because you can buy it in bulk and save it for tomorrow’s needs or the next few days.

Side Effects of Freezing Portobello Mushrooms

Indeed, the taste of portobello mushrooms is very delicious and indulgent, but did you know that eating portobello mushrooms also has side effects, especially when they are frozen. Here are some side effects you should know about!

Among the side effects of freezing mushrooms is that the mushrooms become porous, the mushrooms will more easily absorb the flavors of other foods that are cooked simultaneously. If you are not careful when cooking, then your mushrooms will taste like any other dish you cook with them.

So if you want to bring out the mushroom taste in your dish, then the portobello mushroom must be cooked separately and then added to your dish or cooking.

Another bad effect of freezing portobello mushrooms is that they lose some of their nutrients. During freezing, there will be some nutrients that are damaged, this is caused by damaged enzymes and these enzymes are responsible for mushroom nutrition.

If you want to avoid destroying these nutrients, then it’s best to avoid freezing mushrooms and cooking them while they are fresh. So, purchasing mushrooms must be in accordance with the dishes you are going to cook. But for those of you who want to freeze it, this is not a problem, even if the nutritional value is damaged, not all because the nutrients that last deep can still be obtained from eating the mushrooms that you freeze.

Tips to Cook with Frozen Portobello Mushrooms

If you have frozen mushrooms and now want to cook them, then you have to follow these tips so that the mushroom dishes are still delicious and have the taste of portobello mushrooms. Here are tips for cooking mushrooms to produce a good mushroom flavor and texture.

1. Thaw them first.

Before cooking mushrooms, some recommend thawing them first so they cook evenly. But some others say that frozen mushrooms don’t need to be thawed, because they can melt easily when cooked with other dishes.

2. Cook before adding to the dish

Portobello mushroom that has been frozen when cooked together with other dishes, it tends to absorb the taste of the dish and this will eliminate the original mushroom taste. So, before adding it to the dish, the mushrooms should be cooked separately.

3. Use less liquid.

Frozen mushrooms that are not thawed can be cooked immediately and this saves you from having to add a lot of liquid. Frozen mushrooms will give a little liquid and will increase with the liquid you add.

4. Season them well.

Mushrooms will be delicious when seasoned properly and according to the actual dosage. Give salt, pepper and other spices mentioned in the recipe according to the measure.


5. Add them at the end of cooking.

If you cook a dish and will use mushrooms as an addition. So, mushrooms should be added at the end of cooking, this aims to prevent mushrooms from overcooking. Mushrooms can be overcooked, if put in at the beginning of cooking, they will fall apart and overcook, this will lose taste and texture.