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Can You Freeze Mozzarella Cheese?

There are various types of cheese, each cheese has a different way of preservation, some cheeses are very easy to store or freeze for future use. Others, like feta cheese, are very difficult to freeze. But what about mozzarella cheese, can it be easily frozen or vice versa.

When faced with a question like this, we will be curious not only about the frosting for whole mozzarella, but what about mozzarella cheese that has been grated or cut into small pieces? Does this also include something that can be maintained or extended by freezing.

Here, we will see about can we freeze the mozzarella cheese, and if it can done, how long it will last in the freezer.

In general, we know that mozzarella cheese is a type of cheese that is rich in water content. Then the freezer will certainly freeze the liquid well, and if you freeze the grated cheese, then it will harden easily, freeze and dry.

However, before we start freezing it, can we really freeze mozzarella cheese to preserve its shelf life? If you can, how long will the mozzarella last in the freezer? These are some of the questions we have to answer in this article. Let’s start!

Can You Freeze Mozzarella Cheese?

Can You Freeze Mozzarella Cheese

​Can you freeze fresh mozzarella? The answer may surprise you!

Mozzarella is a type of cheese that can be frozen easily. Freezing mozzarella only requires plastic foil to keep the cheese from drying out in the freezer.

This is one of the expensive cheeses, but you don’t need to worry, for some people this cheese is made at home with a few easy steps. If you want to make mozzarella cheese, you can find many recipes on the internet.

After making it, you can enjoy it straight away or store it in the freezer for future use.

So, making mozzarella is easy and you don’t have to worry that you can’t, with many recipes on the internet you can succeed in making it. Here we tell you that you can freeze mozzarella cheese for future use.

Since mozzarella cheese can be frozen, you can make a large amount and then store it for a long time.

How To Freeze Fresh Mozzarella?

How To Freeze Fresh Mozzarella

Mozzarella is a versatile cheese that is widely used today, but the cheese that you have bought for a long time will usually harden and not be fresh anymore.

When hardened, this cheese will be difficult to melt or use in many foods. But you don’t need to worry because you can store mozzarella in a safe way.

The best way to store mozzarella is to freeze it. If so how do you freeze mozzarella? Follow the step by step below.

– Start by slicing or chopping the mozzarella to your liking.

– Then place the mozzarella cheese on a baking sheet that has been lined with a layer of parchment paper, making sure the pieces of cheese do not touch each other.

– Then, freeze the mozzarella in the freezer for 2 hours or until frozen.

– If it’s frozen, now you can transfer the mozzarella cheese to an airtight bag or container that’s safe for the freezer. Don’t forget to label it so you know how long you’ve kept it. Now it’s time to put the airtight container containing the mozzarella into the freezer.

Frozen mozzarella will last or stay fresh for up to 3 months, when you are going to use it again, remove it from the freezer and thaw it overnight in the fridge.

Can You Freeze Mozzarella Cheese Blocks?

​What’s the best way to store mozzarella cheese? That’s a question that we get a lot. People want to know if they can freeze mozzarella cheese blocks, and if so, how long will it stay good for?

The answer to both of those questions is yes, you can freeze mozzarella cheese blocks. However, we don’t recommend it. Freezing tends to change the texture of the cheese, making it crumbly and dry. It also changes the flavor, making it less sweet and more bland.

If you must freeze your mozzarella cheese, we recommend doing so only for short-term storage (up to two months). When you’re ready to use it, thaw the cheese in the refrigerator overnight. Once thawed, use it within a week.

If you’re looking for a longer-term storage solution, we recommend storing your mozzarella cheese in the fridge. It will stay good for up to two weeks. Just be sure to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or put it in a resealable bag to keep it from drying out.

How To Freeze Mozzarella Blocks?

How To Freeze Mozzarella Blocks?

Yes, you can freeze mozzarella blocks, but you have to pay attention to a few tips so that they freeze perfectly.

Before freezing block mozzarella cheese, you should cut or slice it into smaller pieces so that it can freeze properly.

Once you’ve cut it into smaller pieces, now wrap it in aluminum foil or freezer-safe plastic. Put in an airtight container and store in the freezer.

Frozen mozzarella can last up to 6 months, but for those of you who freeze mozzarella in a smaller form or like small pieces of cheese or grated, it will only last in a fresh position for 3 months.

Freezing Mozzarella Sticks or Portions

Freezing mozzarella sticks or portions can be done to increase or extend the shelf life of the cheese. So, freezing sticks is actually easier than freezing cheese in blocks.

You do it quite easily, take a mozzarella stick or a portion of mozzarella, place it on a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper.

As soon as you see a mozzarella stick or portion of mozzarella congealed, place it in a freezer-safe container. You can also place in airtight, freezer-safe plastic. Store in the freezer for several months.

Don’t forget to label the storage container to make it easier for you to detect the shelf life of your mozzarella.

That’s how to freeze mozzarella sticks and portions, it’s very easy and you can try it to extend the cheese shelf life.

When you take it or want to use it, you only need to take it and use it immediately without having to thaw it first.

Freezing Shredded or Grated Mozzarella

How about grated mozzarella? Can you freeze it too? Let’s see how the explanation goes.

Grated cheese can also be frozen like block cheese or something else. It’s just that grated cheese will be even easier to do because it can easily freeze.

Grated mozzarella cheese is placed on a baking sheet and put in the freezer until it freezes. Then put in an airtight container or airtight plastic.

When you want to use frozen grated cheese, you should thaw it briefly in the fridge or let it sit overnight. If not, you can thaw it at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Once thawed, grated mozzarella cheese will last a few days in the refrigerator. Do not re-freeze thawed cheese because it can easily become contaminated with bacteria.

How To Thaw Mozzarella?

Most of us are impatient with frozen cheese so thaw it quickly or by using water directly. In fact, melting the cheese like this will lose its original texture and taste.

So, the best and correct way to thaw frozen cheese is to let it sit overnight in the fridge. This takes a lot of time but will help you to still find the original taste of the cheese with its texture.

How To Use Frozen and Thawed Mozzarella?

​Frozen mozzarella before use, of course, must be placed at room temperature for a few hours, if you want a more thawing process, you can add water to it for 30 minutes. But this method of using frozen cheese will change its texture and taste.

The recommended freezing is to put the frozen cheese in the fridge overnight. Slow thawing will retain its flavor and texture.

So, how to use mozzarella cheese after defrosting it. Its use can be in drink or food recipes.

Mozzarella cheese is versatile, you can use it in many recipes that call for fresh mozzarella. But there is a slight difference between fresh mozzarella and thawed mozzarella. What has been frozen, when it is thawed, the texture changes slightly or is softer, and the taste is slightly lost.

Cheese is usually used in making juices, fruit ice drinks, cakes, sponge cake toppings, or as a pizza ingredient and pizza topping ingredient.

Health Benefits of Mozzarella Cheese

Mozzarella cheese is one type of food that is very tasty and quite enjoyable. Not only does it make food delicious, but cheese in general and especially mozzarella also contains many nutrients that have health benefits.

Here we will see what are the health benefits of mozzarella cheese. Make sure you understand it so you can use it to the fullest.

Among the benefits of mozzarella cheese is rich in protein. Protein is an essential mineral that is useful in building muscles, snail and skin. In addition, immunity is also inseparable from the role of protein. For one ounce of cheese you can get as much as 6 grams of protein or about 12% of the daily recommendation for adults.

Then, mozzarella cheese is not only rich in protein but contains calcium which is also of great benefit to health. Calcium is very important for healthy bones and teeth.

Among the benefits of calcium is that it is good for bone health, increases blood clotting, and improves nerve function. For one ounce of mozzarella cheese you get about 20% of the daily calcium for adults.

The health benefits of mozzarella cheese are also due to the content of other nutrients such as phosphorus, vitamins A, B6 and B12 and contain zinc.

So, those are some of the benefits of mozzarella cheese, apart from providing benefits in giving a delicious and delicious taste to dishes, it also contributes some health benefits.

If you have leftover mozzarella cheese you can store it properly to extend the mozzarella’s shelf life. The best way to extend their shelf life is to freeze them in the freezer. Look again at the procedure for freezing and how to thaw it.

Shelf Life of Mozzarella Cheese

Unopened mozzarella cheese will last in the fridge for about a week. Once opened, mozzarella cheese should be used within 4-5 days.

However, if you freeze mozzarella cheese, it will last longer. The shelf life of frozen mozzarella cheese is 3 months and it is still fresh.

This mozzarella cheese shelf life rule applies to all types, whether it’s grated cheese, block cheese or mozzarella cheese slices.

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Is Freezing Mozzarella Cheese Worth It?

Mozzarella cheese is indeed a type of cheese that is quite popular in many dishes around the world. This cheese is usually used as a pizza topping or a pizza-making ingredient to melt it.

How about freezing mozzarella cheese, is it worth it? If you’re freezing it to extend its life, it might be worth it because if not, then you’ll have to throw it away which can cost you money.

But you should know that freezing mozzarella can change the texture and taste. If you use it in the dishes you are cooking, frozen cheese will change slightly in terms of texture and taste. But if you want to use it grated, then frozen cheese doesn’t seem to matter much.

So, freezing mozzarella cheese depends on how you intend to use it. What is clear, freezing it is the best way to save your favorite cheese.