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Does Vermouth Go Bad?

Does Vermouth Go Bad, How Long Does Vermouth Last

Maybe you’ve bought a bottle of Cinzano Vermouth to make your favorite dishes like Martinis or Manhattans. You have opened your Vermouth and not used it all the way. After one month you keep it you feel confused with it, can Vermouth go bad?

If you are confused about how long does Vermouth last, then don’t worry, here we will explain to you clearly about this. You will know if the rest of your Vermouth will be bad, and of course you have to know in advance how long does Vermouth last after it is opened.

It could also be the case that you have bought several bottles of Vermouth and you have kept it for a year and you haven’t opened it yet, so can your Vermouth go bad?

In the two cases above, maybe you should do a little research to find out the answer before you open bottle after bottle. If your gut tells you that you should know about Vermouth’s shelf life, then this is the place to be.

The short answer is that Vermouth lasts a very long time and will still be fine.

What is Vermouth?

What is Vermouth, mantahttans

Vermouth is a type of wine that has been fortified, and it has a longer shelf life than other types of wine, this is certainly very true especially when we talk about Vermouth in an opened bottle.

If you want to know more about Vermouth such as storage, shelf life, and whether Vermouth goes bad, then please continue reading.

How to Store Vermouth

If you know how to store wine, then you know how to store Vermouth. Storage is the same as the method of storing wine in general.

This means you should store your Vermouth in a cool, dry and dark place away from any heat sources and out of direct sunlight.

The best storage place for vermouth is in the pantry, but you can also store it in a cupboard. When it comes to liquor cabinets, make sure that they are not transparent cabinets.

If you’ve opened the Vermouth bottle and it’s still left, to save it you have to close it again with the original lid and close it tightly.

Unless you want to spend it the day you open the bottle cap, then you can just store it in the refrigerator even if you don’t close it properly.

If you don’t keep it in the refrigerator for a day, it doesn’t go bad, it’s just that the quality decreases. But if you keep it in the fridge, the quality will last longer. That is, if you keep an opened Vermouth bottle in the kitchen, then the risk is in front of you.

How Long Does Vermouth Last

How Long Does Vermouth Last
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The vermouth is a fine wine but not as aged as some of the more expensive wines.

Vermouth is a fresh wine, but it can still be stored for several years in cellars, kitchens. However, to get good quality Vermouth, you should use it within 3 to 4 years of bottling and no more than that.

If there is a best date on the bottle, then you can use it for up to 2 or 3 years later. So, at the stated date it does not mean that Vermouth will deteriorate, but it means that the quality has decreased somewhat.

If you have opened the bottle, Vermouth can last for some time with good quality. It can last for weeks or months (in the case of uncorked Vermouth).

Each wine (wine drinks) has its own rules about how much alcohol it can maintain in good condition. For example: Noilly Prat suggests spending it within 3 weeks. But this is not a fixed rule, it could still last for several weeks or months later.

Even if you search online for information about Noilly Prat’s shelf life, there will be a great deal of information, some suggesting a few weeks and others saying several months.

Vermouth can last longer because of its sweet taste. We assume that on average each bottle of vermouth that has been opened can last up to 1 month and sweet vermouth can last up to 2 months. This period is not something certain but a guess, it could be longer than that.

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Pantry Fridge
Vermouth unopened 3 – 4 years
Vermouth opened (dry) 1 month
Vermouth opened (sweet) 2 months

The periods in the table above are vermouth at their best.

How To Tell If Vermouth Is Bad

Talking about spoiled vermouth is a rarity. It is very rare for this drink to spoil, this is due to its relatively long shelf life.

But if your vermouth smells bad or has changed color, or there are signs of mold contamination in the bottle, then throw it away. Once again we say that spoilage of vermouth is something that rarely happens.

The thing that might happen is that the quality of your vermouth decreases in quality, but it still doesn’t spoil. Things like this happen a lot, especially when you store vermouth that you’ve been open for a long time.

The bottom line is that if you find vermouth that smells bad, tastes bad or doesn’t taste like the original anymore, then the best option is to throw it away instead of still drinking it.