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Does Gin Go Bad? Here’s How to Tell if Your Bottle Is Still Good

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What is gin? Gin is a type of alcoholic drink made by distillation. Although alcoholic, gin can be enjoyed by all ages. that is why many keep this drink at home. However, what if you save it too, will the gin go bad over time? let’s go into more detail about the shelf life of gin.

That’s what makes you curious, so I say that gin is like any other drink, it loses its taste with time. The gin will go bad but this will take a long time. This means that gin can last quite a long time if you store it properly. In fact, gin can last for years if you store it properly.

Now you know that an important factor in extending the life of a gin is its proper storage. So, we need to know how to properly store gin to extend its life. Let’s keep reading this article until it’s finished!

How To Store Gin?

Does Gin Go Bad

​Previously, we have seen that it is important for gin lovers to know how to store it properly as this alone can give it a long shelf life.

The way to store gin properly is to put it in a cool, dark place, because heat and direct light can cause damage to gin more quickly. So, you can store your favorite gin in your pantry or kitchen cupboard.

Tip: If you want to store it for a long time, then consider buying a dark bottle of gin, this will help protect it from the sun.

So, how long does gin last. How long gin stays fresh depends on the quality when you buy it and on how it was stored.

Usually, once opened, gin can last for 1 year before rotting. But if you store it in a cool, dark place and you haven’t opened it, Gin can last for several years.

How To Tell If Gin Is Bad

How To Tell If Gin Is Bad

Gin is a liquor made from juniper berries, said to be enjoyed by all ages, it also has a relatively long shelf life. This doesn’t mean the gin won’t spoil. There are several signs that can be a benchmark to assess whether a gin is damaged or not.

Watch for the following signs that your gin is spoiled

  1. The first thing to look at is the color, if it’s dark and starts to taste sour or vinegary, then the gin has gone bad and you can throw it away.
  2. Next, pay attention to whether the gin has gone moldy or not. If there is mold on the surface of the bottle, then this has raised one of the signs of decay. Usually when it’s moldy, the smell of your gin will be overpowering.

If the gin is spoiled, can it still be eaten? It won’t be fatally dangerous, but it’s not worth taking risks regarding your health. If you find signs of spoilage from your gin, then you better throw it away.

Does Color Play a Role in a Gin’s Age?

The color of gin is generally clear, but there are also colored gins on the market. Usually, this color is the result of adding spices, and when aged it will change color. So, colored gin could be a sign that it’s getting old.

So, does color play a role in the age of the gin? True, young gins are usually clear, while older gins will change color.

The Different Types of Gin and How Long They Last

There are many types of gin, each with their own distinct taste. For example, London dry gin is the most common type of gin, and it is characterized by a juniper-forward flavor. Other types are Old Tom gin, Dutch gin, and Navy Strength gin.

Gin can deteriorate over time, open gin can last for a year. If not opened and stored properly, it can last for several years.

Among the many types of gin, London dry gin has the longest shelf life. While gin is rich in aroma, it usually loses its freshness more quickly. But the best way to enjoy gin is to finish it in just a few months.

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FAQs About Gin shelf life

Gin has a clear color, but this alcoholic drink is made by mixing several ingredients. Among the ingredients are: juniper, anise, angelica root, and citrus peel. It is most commonly used in mixed drinks and cocktails.

Even if the color is clear, the color will change with storage. The mixture of these ingredients plays a role in the color change as it ages.

Does gin go bad?

True, Gin will go bad if not stored properly. Nevertheless, this intoxicating drink has a fairly long shelf life. Once opened it lasts for a year with good storage. If the bottle is unopened, it will last for several years as long as it is stored in a dry, dark place and exposed to sunlight.;

How should I store gin?

Gin should be stored in a cool, dark place. Once opened, gin will retain its quality for about 6 months, but you still can enjoy it in a year.

What is the best way to serve gin?

Gin can be served neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail.