When Are Blueberries In Season: Harvest Months By State

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When Are Blueberries In Season

When are blueberries in season? Now this bush plant is increasingly being cultivated in many states in America. Blueberries can grow well because they are strong and resistant to climate and weather. The more blueberry plants provide many opportunities for us to harvest them. That’s why we have to know when is the season for blueberries in each state.

I thought so too, it feels so rewarding for blueberry lovers to be able to enjoy it alone in the garden. So here I try to include information about the time to harvest blueberries in each state in America.

In general, the summer month is the time to harvest blueberries, this plant grows fertile in various corners of America. You definitely want to know when are blueberries in season? This was harvested from March to September, there were about 7 months of time to harvest Blueberries, but not all countries were harvested simultaneously.

States and Blueberries in Season

State Blueberry Season
Alabama Middle May – Early July
Alaska Late August – Late September
Arizona June – July
Arkansas June – August
California Mid May – Late July
Colorado Early June – Late July
Connecticut Early July – Mid October
Delaware Mid June – August
Florida Late March – Late May
Georgia June – August
Hawaii Can Grow and Flower All Year Round
Idaho Mid July – Late August
Illinois July – August
Indiana June – August
Iowa Mid June – Mid September
Kansas June – July
Kentucky Early June – Early August
Louisiana May – Mid July
Maine Late July – Early September
Maryland Late June – Early August
Massachusetts Mid July – Late August
Michigan July – Mid August
Minnesota July – Mid August
Mississippi May – August
Missouri Early June – Early October
Montana Late July – End of August
Nebraska Late July – End of August
Nevada Late July – End of August
New Hampshire July – September
New Jersey Mid June – Mid August
New Mexico June – Mid July
New York Mid June – Early September
North Carolina Late June – Early August
North Dakota Mid July – August
Ohio Mid June – End of August
Oklahoma Early June – Late July
Oregon Mid June – Late September
Pennsylvania Late July – Late September
Rhode Island Early July – Mid October
South Carolina Early June – Mid August
South Dakota Mid July – End of August
Tennessee Mid June – Mid August
Texas May – July
Utah Mid July – End of August
Vermont Mid July – Late August
Virginia June – August
Washington Late June – September
West Virginia Mid July – End of August
Wisconsin Early July – Mid August
Wyoming Mid July – Early September

The earlier state of the blueberries harvesting is Florida, where Blueberries in Florida can be harvested since early March, then followed by other states. While the most late harvesting is Maine and Idaho where they just harvested at the end of September.

The difference in harvest time is caused by the existence of many blueberries, the harvest period will also be different. But this is a beneficial thing because we can enjoy blueberries every month and even almost all year.

So, if anyone asks when is the Blueberries harvest season? Then the answer is from early March to the end of September which is spread in various states in America.

Below we sort the states with the blueberries harvest season. To understand it, keep reading and we will give some considerations that you must know.

States and Best Blueberries to Grow

State Best Blueberry Varieties To Grow
Alabama Rabbiteye, Northern Highbush, Southern Highbush
Alaska HighBush – Northblue, Northsky
Arizona Southmoon, Sharpblue, Sunshine Blue
Arkansas Northern Highbush, Rabbiteye
California Southern Highbush
Colorado Bluegold, Polaris
Connecticut Highbush – Bluegold, Ivanhoe
Delaware Bluecrop, Lenoir, Nelson
Florida Rabbiteye, Southern Highbush
Georgia Rabbiteye
Hawaii Misty, Sharpblue, Sunshine Blue
Idaho Patriot, Blueray, Nelson
Illinois Collins, Patriot, Bluejay, Bluecrop
Indiana Northern Highbush – Bluecrop
Iowa Patriot, Blueray, Bluecrop, Rubel
Kansas Bluecrop, Patriot
Kentucky Ozarkblue, Sierra, Nelson, Darrow
Louisiana Rabbiteyes – Climax, Tifblue, Brightwell, Premier
Maine Patriot, Northland, Blueray
Maryland Bluetta, Duke, Earliblue, Spartan, Patriot
Massachusetts Bluejay, Duke, Patriot and Spartan
Michigan Bluecrop, Jersey, Elliott, Duke, Rubel, Bluejay
Minnesota Chippewa, Northblue, Northland
Mississippi Rabbiteye – Baldwin, Southern Highbush – O’Neal
Missouri Bluejay, Blueray
Montana Northland, Patriot
Nebraska Blueray, Bluecrop, Patriot
Nevada Blueray, Patriot, Bluecrop
New Hampshire Blueray, Bluecrop, Patriot, Earliblue, Jersey, Meader
New Jersey Bluetta, Blueray, Patriot
New Mexico Northern Highbush, Southern Highbush
New York Highbush
North Carolina Climax, Columbus, Powderblue
North Dakota Canadian haskaps*
Ohio Highbush – Bluecrop, Bluejay
Oklahoma Highbush, Rabbiteye, Southern Highbush
Oregon Northern Highbush, Half-High, Rabbiteye
Pennsylvania Bluetta, Bluejay, Spartan, Patriot
Rhode Island Earliblue, Blueray, Lateblue
South Carolina Rabbiteye, Southern highbush, Northern highbush
South Dakota Highbush
Tennessee Rabbiteye – Climax, Highbush – Blueray, Bluecrop
Texas Rabbiteye – Climax, Powderblue
Utah Halfhigh – Northblue, Highbush – Blueray
Vermont Northern Highbush, Lowbush
Virginia Lowbush, Highbush, Rabbiteye
Washington Northern Highbush, Southern Highbush, Rabbiteye
West Virginia Northern Highbush – Spartan, Bluecrop, Jersey
Wisconsin Half High – Northblue, Northsky
Wyoming Honeycrisp, Haralson, McIntosh

To get a good blueberries bush to be cultivated, then you must go to a prominent blueberries nursery or a good reputation. Look for bushes that can produce fast fruit, for example it can produce within 1 to 3 years. This will save you more time in waiting for the harvest. Sometimes you will also see different blueberries leaves, and this shows the difference in variety.

This is important so that Blueberries can bear fruit well. In planting blueberries plants there must be two different types of plants because these plants carry out cross pollination for better results later on.

Blueberries in Season in State

So, we will see a few seasons of planting and grow blueberries and harvests in several states.

Florida Blueberry Season

Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry Plant

Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry Plant

For the florida area there are two types of blueberries that can grow well. These two types of blueberries are Rabbiteye and Southern Highbush. Rabbiteye type grows well in North Florida. But it is different from South Florida, where the best Blueberries there is a highbush variant.

highbush blueberries

highbush variant

Florida is the fastest country to see the Blueberries season coming, the Blueberries harvest season in Florida starts from early March and this will last around 6 to 8 weeks. Florida is a state overgrown with many fruits.

California Blueberry Season

California is planted with Blueberry Bluecrop types, this variety is among those that grow very well and he has started harvesting at the end of Mai, you can find the harvest season at San Jose. This type of Bluebries has a good taste with a medium fruit size.

Blueberry Bluecrop

Blueberry Blue crop

If you like Blueberries who are more crispy and good taste, then the reveille is certainly very fun for you. This is a bush planting from South Highbush Varity and he needs 500 Chill Hours for the Fruit to Set. This blueberry variety is easy to grow and hold in various conditions, hot and cold.

Maine Blueberry Season

What variants are suitable for growing in Maine? It seems that the blueberries are very strong and quickly harvested which is suitable for planting here. The planting season must be as short as possible or as fast as possible because this area is in winter. Always you plant more than one variety, the goal is as a cross pollination. You can plant patriot and bluecrop types. Both types of blueberries will carry out cross pollination to produce bigger fruits, and more with good quality.

patriot blueberries

patriot blueberries

By planting these two variations, not only functions for cross pollination, but can also extend the harvest season because both of them will harvest at different times.

Connecticut Blueberry Season

When are Blueberries in season in Connecticut? Blueberries planting is done at the end of fall, but there are also those who plant it in March.

Earliblue blueberries fruit

Earliblue blueberries

The Earliblue variant has an early season, while Bluecrop has mid -season, and Elliot has a very final harvest season. Subtracting 3 types of blueberries such as very profitable, not only increases harvest production but also extending the harvest season because the harvest time is different.

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Colorado Blueberry Season

Colorado does not seem to be a good place to grow blueberries, the soil pH is high so it is difficult to plant blueberries on the ground. But blueberries can grow pretty well in the pot.

Growing blueberries in pot as colorado does

planting blueberries in pot

The land in the pot that has been mixed can get enough pH in the range of 4.2 to 5.0, and this will be a good planting medium for this shrub. The planting media is 40% coconut husk (coir), 40% peat, and 20% perlite. The perfect planting media that can grow blueberries well in Colorado.

They planted half high variety, this is the result of breeding to produce sweet fruit like highbush and strong plants such as lowbush.

North Dakota*

North Dakota is an area where Blueberries can hardly grow there. This area is attacking winter and the soil is also not suitable because it is alkaline. But you can grow other fruits in Dakota, you can cultivate Canadian Haskaps which has a taste almost similar to Blueberries.

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