What Does Turmeric Taste Like

What Does Turmeric Taste Like?

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Turmeric is a popular cooking spice that can be easily found in grocery stores. In this article we will check about turmeric taste and answer the question for “what does turmeric taste like”.

Turmeric has a distinctive, earthy taste, and it imparts a yellow color to any dish where it is used. For example Indian curry, it is a food that uses turmeric powder so that it smells distinctive and has an orange color and becomes muddy when mixed with other food ingredients.

Turmeric not only functions as a spice and food ingredient, but also provides many health benefits. For example, the benefits of turmeric are against inflammation and joint pain.

How turmeric actually tastes so you can consider whether to use it in your recipe or leave it out. Here we will see reviews about turmeric, the benefits of turmeric and what does turmeric taste like.

What is Turmeric?

What Does Turmeric Taste Like? Does Its Taste Good?
Ground and Whole Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice from the ginger rhizome family and has been used for centuries as a spice in cooking and traditional medicine.

The Turmeric seasoning is an ingredient in world cuisine, especially in recipes from several countries such as Indonesia, India, China, Thailand, Japan and the Middle East.

Turmeric powder is a spice made from the root of the turmeric plant, usually crushed, boiled or crushed in a grinder.

The color of this turmeric ranges from mustard yellow to dark brownish yellow. This depends on how long it is boiled and how long the turmeric rhizome is used as a cooking spice.

Turmeric seasoning is now widely available in grocery stores, usually sold as crushed seasoning or turmeric powder which can be directly used as an addition to various dishes.

Turmeric is considered a very strong spice in terms of taste, smell and health benefits.

Among the very strong uses of turmeric is as a natural medicine it is even considered stronger than other spices. Among the benefits of turmeric are as anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and as an antioxidant.

Talking about antioxidants, of course you already know that their benefits are very superior in fighting free radicals or causes of chronic disease. Free radicals are chemicals that damage body cells and turn them into cancer. Thus, turmeric is also classified as anti-cancer.

In Indian recipes, turmeric is the dominant ingredient and almost all Indian dishes use turmeric. They often use turmeric to give food a golden color.

Nutritional Benefits of Turmeric

For centuries, turmeric has been used as an ingredient in many culinary recipes, as well as a traditional medicine.

In Asia, especially India, turmeric is a special spice and is the king of spices for all food spices.

Turmeric is also known as a golden spice because of its color which is similar to gold. If we pay attention to its color which is like gold, then the benefits are also like gold because of the considerable health benefits contributed by turmeric.

Turmeric is a source of curcumin which can treat many types of ailments

Curcumin is an active ingredient that provides many health benefits, and turmeric is believed to be a natural ingredient for treating various ailments such as arthritis and anxiety.

Turmeric is also a cooking spice that can stimulate appetite, so for those of you who have less appetite, you can consume a lot of turmeric.

Turmeric has antispasmodic properties, where the benefit is to overcome problems related to the stomach such as nausea, diarrhea, and now we know various other health benefits.

The antioxidant content in turmeric provides great benefits as an active ingredient to reduce oxidative stress. So, by consuming turmeric, our body will reduce the chemical changes that lead to damage to body cells.

This damage to the body comes from free radicals such as from pollution and cigarettes. Turmeric also reduces inflammation, and relieves pain that a person experiences.

Turmeric aside from being a cooking spice, it also acts as a natural antibiotic that suppresses pain, prevents congenital diseases such as preventing salmonella and staph.

It is a natural anti-inflammatory in the stomach, can help with irritable bowel syndrome, and is also great for reducing inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Research has also revealed that turmeric has many benefits for the heart, as it can prevent clot formation. Thus, the use of turmeric is also often used as an alternative medicine to treat strokes and heart attacks.

Again, turmeric is a natural remedy that can help many health problems for people in different parts of the world.

The benefits of turmeric are highly praised by science but still need a lot more research to know accurately about its effect on cancer.

What Does Turmeric Taste Like?

What Does Turmeric Taste Like
Whole Turmeric or Turmeric Root

Turmeric is a cooking spice from the root of the Kurkuma longa plant.

Widely used in cooking, and has many health benefits including as an anti-septic and anti-inflammatory.

The use of turmeric in cooking depends on the type of recipe. Sometimes a lot and sometimes only a small part of the turmeric is used. But to be able to give a golden color to dishes, you usually have to use a few pieces of turmeric that has been made into powder.

In Indian cooking, turmeric is widely used in Dal Makhani, or rice biryani.

There is also use of turmeric in curries such as in yellow masala and in Chicken Tikka Masala recipes. So what does turmeric taste like, and does it taste good?

The taste of turmeric is as described above which is bitter, earthy, woody, and spicy. The taste varies greatly and this depends a lot on the cultivation process and how it is prepared.

If you taste turmeric powder, it has a mild sweet taste, while the root tastes bitter because it contains tannins. Many chefs combine the taste of turmeric with other sweet seasonings such as onions or sugar.

Turmeric powder also tastes bitter even stronger than its root, so it is often mixed between them to produce a delicious meal in balance of flavours.

What Does Turmeric Taste Like in Smoothies?

If you use turmeric spice in your smoothie, it will definitely bring out the flavor that stands out because it has a distinctive and strong taste. Also, the color of your smoothie will turn a golden color.

The flesh is orange yellow, the taste is spicy and the smell is strong. So when adding turmeric to your green smoothie, what you really need is an earthy taste.

The spicy taste of turmeric is very good for food seasoning. But be careful when using it, because if you overdo it it can ruin your dish.

What Does Turmeric Taste Like in Coffee?

What Does Turmeric Taste Like in Coffee
Turmeric in coffee

When you are about to add turmeric to your coffee, there may be a number of things that come to your mind. Maybe you think your coffee will taste like oranges (because the color of turmeric is synonymous with orange) and a bit warm like ginger, or you imagine that your coffee will be dark yellow.

If you’ve never tried turmeric, then you really should give it a try and consider it.

You need that adding turmeric to coffee will change the condition of your coffee like you add cinnamon. It is similar in appearance and taste. But there is one difference, where turmeric has a much stronger taste than any seasoning, mind that!

Turmeric powder will add earthy flavors, pleasant warmth, and just the right amount of spiciness to your cup of coffee.

If you are not happy with the addition of spices in your drink, maybe adding turmeric to coffee can be something that is annoying and very unpleasant, especially because of its strong and distinctive taste.

If this is the case, then you can add turmeric powder in a small amount (eg: one teaspoon).

What Does Turmeric Tea Taste Like?

What does turmeric taste like in tea? If adding turmeric to coffee tastes like you do adding cinnamon, how about adding turmeric to tea?

Tea is a very earthy drink and very low level of sweetness. It would be hard to describe the taste of turmeric in tea. In general, turmeric tea has a very earthy taste and very low level of sweetness.

So, what does turmeric in tea taste like? It is earthy in taste and with a low sweetness. If you want to taste turmeric purely without adding any other spices then this is the best way to taste turmeric.

If you want to add other flavors such as ginger, cinnamon, please try it slowly to find the unique taste of Kurkuma. You can add peppermint, ginger or cinnamon, and see what your tea tastes like.

If we compare it to other types of tea, the taste of turmeric tea is more similar to matcha green tea. The taste is earthy, with a hint of sweetness that can give you the information that the tea comes from the roots of the plant, not from the leaves like other teas in general.

How to Find and Choose Turmeric at a Grocery Store?

How to choose the best turmeric at the grocery store? Actually, you can grow your own turmeric rhizome because it is very easy to grow. But if you don’t want it, you can buy it at a grocery store or a spice shop.

Turmeric is a very popular spice in Indian, Middle Eastern and Thai cuisine, including Indonesia. Turmeric is in the form of a rhizome, the same as ginger but the color and taste are different.

Before you buy turmeric, know the type first. In general there are types of turmeric available in the market.

These two types are ground and whole.

The Ground type is more commonly available in the market because it is easy to use and store and easy to use in recipes.

Ground turmeric has an orange color that is even slightly reddish. However, if the turmeric has been in storage for a long time, the color will usually be darker or slightly brownish.

Unlike ground turmeric, whole turmeric is turmeric that has not been crushed and is still intact as it was harvested.

Whole turmeric can be used in cooking and grated to add to some recipes.

If you buy turmeric, especially the powder or ground version, pay attention to the date. If the product is about to expire, ask the seller when the next product will be ready so you can get turmeric that is fresh and lasts longer.

How to Collaborate Turmeric in Recipes?

As we have mentioned that turmeric is a spice and seasoning that has been used for centuries, and has provided many benefits to humans.

If you want to add turmeric to your cooking, we recommend that you add it in the last few minutes of cooking.

This will allow the turmeric to seep into your cooking. You can try adding turmeric to soups, stews, and Italian dishes.

Turmeric is also a spice that is suitable for collaboration in cooking along with cardamom, cumin and coriander.

Here are some of the best ways to use turmeric in recipes, you can add them in:

  • Chicken Tikka Masalas.
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup.
  • Coriander Lentil Stew.

Tips: Adding turmeric powder and turmeric paste can make the dish more flavorful.

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How To Store Turmeric Powder And Root?

If you buy a lot of whole turmeric or ground turmeric, you can save the rest.

These two types of turmeric are often used as ingredients in cooking. Many people store turmeric for a long time in their kitchen, because they want to use it in various dishes

If you want to save it, then make sure to save it properly.

Storage of turmeric powder and whole turmeric requires a dark container, make sure no light can enter.

To avoid oxidation, use an airtight container such as a dark jar. If it is contaminated with oxygen, turmeric will lose its taste over time.

Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

To store turmeric for a long time, store it in a jar at room temperature. The best place to store turmeric is at 32 to 38 F.

Turmeric powder should not be frozen, freezing turmeric powder can cause the powder to runny and this will spoil your turmeric powder, and cause mold to grow.

Fresh turmeric storage, can last for 2 weeks if stored properly. Meanwhile, turmeric powder can last up to 4 months.


What does turmeric taste like? It tastes bitter, earthy, but the use of turmeric in cooking can give dishes a very good taste.

Not only does turmeric spice make great dishes, it also provides many health benefits as turmeric is a great source of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

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