What Does Coconut Water Taste Like

What Does Coconut Water Taste Like

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For those of you who’re new to coconut water, of c0urse you don’t know what does coconut water taste like. Therefore, here we will explain about this water, especially about the taste of coconut water which still makes many people curious about it.

You should know that some people compare it to milk, both are equally delicious but milk is thicker than coconut water.

However, both are very refreshing especially enjoyed during hot weather. Not only refreshing, but coconut water is also rich in nutrients that are important for the health of the body.

In this article, we we’ll answer y0u about some question like: what coconut water is, what coconut water tastes like, and how to prepare it so you can enjoi it healthier and tastier. So, for those of you who are still curious about this refreshing drink, follow our review below.

What is Coconut Water?

What Does Coconut Water Taste Like

Coconut wateer is the refreshing water that found in coconuts. This water is rich in electrolytes, minerals and vitamins that can prevent our body from dehydration.

In addition, coconut waterr is known as low-calorie, low-fat water and contains many important minerals and vitamins.

It is also rich in potassium so it is good at controlling blood pressure to keep it normal. Apart from that, it turns out that coconut water is also very good for balancing body fluids and smooth digestion.

So, we can understand coconut water as health water that should be consumed every day or at least once every 3 days. Its health benefits have been proven and what is no less interesting is its refreshing, sweet and satisfying taste.

What Does Coconut Water Taste Like?

Best Way to Drink Coconut Water

At first glance, we have explained what does coconut water taste like. It has a refreshing taste, sweet but not too sweet, and makes our appetites irresistible not to drink it when you have it.

This refreshing drink has benefits for skin freshness, dental health, hydration, preventing wrinkles, good for hair and digestion.

In addition, drinking coconut water can also provide 10% of the daily value of the body’s need for vitamin B-12 (pteroylmonoglutamic acid), the benefit of which is to help maximize nerve performance.

Despite its benefits, coconut water also too sweet taste for some people, and it’s great as a versatile drink, meaning it can be consumed in a variety of ways and recipes. You can mix it with various recipes, syrups or add it to various other drinks.

If you compare the taste with milk, you might say that the taste of coconut water is closer to water than milk.

Best Way to Drink Coconut Water

How to drink coconut water so you can feel the health benefits and freshness. There are several ways that we have listed and these are worth your try, let’s have a look below.

Drinking coconut water when you are hungry, sad or bored will provide great effectiveness to refresh your mind and body so that you quickly get out of bad feelings.

Coconut water as a substitute for water: If you feel a lack of body fluids, but don’t want to consume plain water, then choose pure (unsweetened) coconut water. You will feel extraordinary freshness and satisfaction.

Drink it with food: When you are out looking for food you can order coconut water as an accompaniment to your meal instead of buying creamy drinks or other artificially sweetened drinks. Pure coconut water will be very beneficial for good health to accompany your thirst or accompany your dinner. This is healthier than you accompany a meal with high-calorie or sugar-rich water.

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

One of the benefits of coconut water is as a natural electrolyte which is good enough to keep the body hydrated throughout the day. This refreshing drink from coconut fruit contains potassium, it can balance sodium and chloride in the body.

Another health benefit of young coconut water is to nourish the brain. In fact, it is considered a super drink to optimize your mind and brain.

It is rich in antioxidants too, can prevent someone from Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. In addition, the benefits of antioxidants are preventing heart disease and various other inflammations.

These are just a few of the benefits, because there are many other benefits of consuming coconut water regularly.

Does Coconut Water Go Bad?

Talking about the shelf life of coconut, it will last longer even months if you store it properly. So it’s important for you to know this.

If you store coconut water in the refrigerator, it will last for 2 weeks. But if you store it in the freezer or freeze it, your coconut water will last for 6 months.

Coconut Water Vs Coconut Milk

Coconut water contains protein, and this is the reason some people say that coconut water taste like milk. Milk also contains protein, right!

But the difference is because milk contains fat and lactose (sugar), while refreshing coconut water does not contain such fat and sugar but is a pure liquid from nature.

Coconut water contains calcium and potassium and both are important minerals for the health of the body that we must fulfill.

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How to Store Coconut Water?

The best way to store coconut water is in the freeezer if you want to enjoy it at a later date or for long-term storage. But if you want to enjoi it within a few days, then the best way to store it is in the fridge as it can last up to 2 weeks.

Then, pay attention not to store coconut water in a place exposed to sunlight because this can damage the nutrients and enzymes.

Make sure when storing coconut water that no part of the bottle is open or has holes because bacteria can enter and damage coconut water quickly.

Can You Freeze Coconut Water?

Storing coconut water in the freezer is fine for future use. But before that, put it in a freezer-safe container such as a mason jar, then put it in the freezer, the shelf life of coconut water in the freezer can range from 6 months.

You can also freeze water of coconut in a container like Tupperware, put your coconut water in the container and freeze it in the freezer.

Coconut Water Vs Coconut Milk

Why do we feel the need to make a comparison between coconut water vs coconut milk. This is because both of them come from one fruit, namely coconuts. Coconut milk is the starch from the coconut meat and coconut water is the pure liquid in the coconut fruit.

Coconut water and coconut milk are available at food stores. It is specially used as a refreshing drink to replace body electrolytes or as a refreshment drink.

Meanwhile, coconut milk is a white liquid like milk that comes out of the coconut meat that has been squeezed. Usually, it is used in culinary, baking, and even traditionally used as an ingredient in cooking oil.


Ok, so far we hope that you have gained a lot of knowledge about coconut water, especially to answer the question of what does coconut water taste like.

It is the best substitute for milk or other refreshing drinks. Coconut water is a refreshing drink from nature without being processed. Drinking it will provide many health benefits and what is very commonly known is being able to maintain body fluids or body electrolytes.

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