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Have you ever tried Brie Cheese? What does Brie Cheese taste like, is it good? If you’ve tried it, it means you already know the taste, but if not then this is the time to learn and find out all that.

Brie is famous for its black dress from all cheese, Brie Cheese is a type of multipurpose cheese. You can process it in various recipes or dishes.

You can freely melt it, spread it or slice it, you can still use this one cheese in many recipes.

Interesting isn’t it, let’s learn more about Brie Cheese which is said to be versatile.

What is Brie Cheese?

What is Brie Cheese?

Brie Cheese is French cheese, its texture is soft, and made from cow’s milk. The texture is also creamy and this is extraordinary.

You can also find white skin on this cheese and you can eat it. Traditionally, when using it, Brie Cheese is thinly sliced and eaten together with white bread or with crackers.

Then, you must know why this versatile cheese is called Brie Cheese, it turns out the name “Brie” is the name for an area in France and this cheese comes from there.

The color is pale, a little rather grayish, underneath a white mold rind. Brie together with Coulommiers and Camembert cheese is classified in the Soft-Ripened Cheese group.

Initially, this cheese is from northern France, especially in inseine-et-marne. This cheese is very appreciated and even becomes a cheese that has decorated the royal family dining table in the Middle Ages.

Seeing its history, Brie Cheese was not an ordinary cheese, its presence had been proof that Brie Cheese was important, useful and delicious. This matches the “versatile” slogan.

Brie cheese is trusted as a complement and this is the same as several other types of cheese.

What Does Brie Taste Like? Does Brie Cheese Taste Good?

Now we come to the core discussion about what it feels like Brie Cheese, is this good and worth trying?

The taste of Brie is rich, has a single, and there is a modest fruit tone. The taste of Brie Cheese is increasing with age.

The texture of Brie Cheese is runny, you can imagine this like yogurt or like a buttermilk that you chew. After eating it, there is a smell that is left in your mouth that can be guessed by friends beside you.

The taste of Brie Cheese is sometimes unmatched when compared with some other cheese such as goat cheese, grubere cheese, feta cheese, muenster cheese or goud cheese.

Variations of the taste are very subtle, but brie is lighter and delicious, and unique there is a sensation of butter and cream that uses the taste.

Variations in taste are actually subtle but among them there are differences that make them equally unique. But Brie Cheese is softer, has a thug and there is a creamy sensation. While Camembert cheese, it tastes deeper, intens and modest.

Brie and Camembert are both covered with white plates/white skin that can also be eaten and has a rich taste.

If you do not store Brie in the cold refrigerator, then it will be easy to rot. Also pay attention to the correct way of storing Brie, of which are in closed containers and airtight.

If you see a brie cheese that is soft and cooked, looks pink, and smells of ammonia, then don’t buy it and don’t eat it. This is a rotten brie cheese that is dangerous when eating.

Eating rotten food dangerous, even though it doesn’t take your lives, but this can make you food poisoning.

How to Use Brie Cheese in Cooking

How to Use Brie Cheese in Cooking

Brie Cheese is a big and famous cheese in this world, not only because of the versatile Brie, but because Brie has a unique and delicious taste. Maybe that’s why Brie is one of the foods that is always on the royal family table in the past.

When you want to use it, you only need to open the package, put it on a plate, take some crackers and put it beside the cheese.

This will tempt your guests and even you yourself will not be tired of eating it. This can also be a delicious roast treat, you can present it with a coating of cakes or without it.

Brie cheese is also a good treat for food such as ham, roasted turkey sandwich. Before eating it, Brie is very important to stand in room temperature for a while.

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That’s a glimpse of Brie Cheese, this review can answer your question about what does brie cheese taste like. Now, by reading this article already know and also can decide whether the taste of Brie Cheese is good or not.

Hopefully this will provide useful information and can be a guide for those of you who want to eat Brie Cheese.

Brie cheese has a guaranteed, unique and tasty quality and has been present since the Middle Ages. This indicates that BRI Cheese is one of the cheese that is very popular in France and even in the world.

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