What Does Black Currant Taste Like

What Does Black Currant Taste Like?

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Black currants are like newcomers to the berry world, not many are familiar with this berry. So it’s only natural for you to wonder what black currant taste like? What can be done with black currants, does it taste good and so on. Ok, here we will give you an answer about this sweet little black currant or berry.

Black currants were banned in the United States for some time, the reason being that these tiny berries have earned the title the “forbidden fruit”. But the good news is that the ban was lifted and now black currants are allowed back in America.

What are Black Currants?

What are Black Currants

Black currant has the scientific name Ribes Nigrum, while the spelling is “black currant” or “blackcurrant”, both are acceptable. So you can write it in black currant (with space) or blackcurrant (without space).

Black currant is a plant in the Gooseberry family, these berries are small and edible. When it is still young it is green and as it matures it will change its color to purple and dark purple to almost black.

How does it taste? Blackcurrant has a unique and sour taste, this sour taste is due to the high concentration of tannins in it, one of the most important antioxidants for health. What do black currants taste like? We will explain in detail below later.

Black Currant History

The black currant plant was initially very susceptible to disease, even before it was thought to be a plant that spreads the fungus among pine trees. For this reason, black currants have not been allowed in America since 1911. At that time, pine trees were important for industrial use, so they were protected and all forms of disease-causing disease were removed including black currants.

Fortunately, the development of science and technology then found new varieties that are more resistant to disease. There is also a new fungicide that can protect this bush plant.

Later, science also discovered that by planting it away from pine trees, it would not have any adverse effects on it. This rapid development of technology led to the ban being lifted in 1966. This also gave each state the power to decide whether to ban it or not. Most states lifted this ban in 2003 and some still remain.

Health Benefits of Black Currants

When viewed from its size, black currants are small in size, but in terms of their content they are very good for health. This berry is rich in vitamin C even higher than that in oranges. It also offers other vitamins like vitamins B, A, and E.

Black currants are rich in anthocyanins so they are good as a fruit that is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Black currants are also rich in fatty acids and potassium. The fat is called GLA or Gamma-Linolenic Acid. The benefits of GLA are for joint and skin health.

Black currants are a good source of fiber, iron, manganese for health. It also contains magnesium, phosphorus and calcium.

In addition, the health benefits of black currants are also consumed as a supplement because they are rich in omega 3 and omega 6.

What Are the Culinary Uses of Black Currants?

In the culinary world, Black currants are widely used in the manufacture of creme de cassis liquor. That is why it is often referred to as “cassis”. Tastes great with alcohol, it is also often added to vodka and cocktails.

Black currants are also popularly used in making jam Pies, you can also add black currants in bread and muffins. Another use of black currants is as a flavoring in ice cream. These berries are also great as juice, or added to puddings or crumbles.

What Are the Culinary Uses of Black Currants
Ice cream flavored with black currant

Black currants are also used as an ingredient in sauces for gamey meat. These berries are great paired with venison, duck, lamb, and some even add them to savory dishes.

If you want to eat raw, then many black currants also eat it raw as a snack. Even the leaves are also useful for tea.

It’s safe to say that Black currants are a versatile fruit that you can include in a variety of dishes and drinks.

What Does Black Currant Taste Like?

What Does Black Currant Taste Like

Are you still curious about the taste? Many have asked what Black currants taste like?

Black currants have a sour taste, this is due to their high tannin content. It tastes sour and is very good when mixed with other ingredients to neutralize the taste.

The taste of black currants is also earthy, if you look closely, you will find passion fruit and cherry flavors. Many also compare the taste of black currants to raspberries because they are almost similar in taste.

If you dry Black currants, the taste will change. Dried black currants are often confused with raisins because they taste sweet and slightly sour. There is also a hint of vanilla and it is more of a grape flavour.

Do Black Currants Taste Like Grapes?

Black currant looks like small grapes, that’s why we also call it when it is dried just like raisins. Raisins are dry grapes, so do blackcurrants taste like grapes?

Yes, in some ways the two are the same. Some people describe black currants as tasting like grapes, and they have a point. Black currant does have a grape-like taste, but there are other flavors, so the taste of black currant is rich.

What Fruit Is Similar to Black Currant?

To describe what black currants taste like, you can use other fruits that taste similar to it as a reference. Here we mention that the taste of black currant is similar to grapes, even the appearance is the same as grapes only smaller in size.

In terms of size and shape, black currants are the same as blueberries.

Do Blackcurrants Taste Like Blueberries?

Black currants also taste similar to blueberries, but are earthier, more tart, and some even call them a more intense version of blueberries.

However, black currant also has different notes of taste, so even if the taste is similar it’s still not 100% the same.

What Does Black Currant Tea Taste Like?

Black currants are widely used in making tea. Want to know what black currant tea tastes like? Black currant tea is refreshing, and it has a similar taste to passion fruit tea.

Drinking black currant tea makes you feel like you are discovering the sweet berry taste. Of course, the taste of black currant tea also depends on additional ingredients. If you add sweetener it will taste very sweet. Among the popular sweeteners for black currant tea are honey and natural syrups.

What Does Black Currant Jam Taste Like?

Black currants are also made into jams, usually this berry jam is enjoyed on toast, cakes and scones.

It is also a popular topping for pancakes, do you know what black currant jam tastes like?

It tastes the same as other jams, sweet. However, there is a little extra flavor when the jam is made from black currants. The black currant jam is fruity and tart, the sourness is balanced by the sweetness of the sugar.

What Flavor Goes Well With Black Currants?

Black currant has a taste that pairs well with many other fruit flavors. It tastes great with chocolate, almonds, peanuts, it goes well with oranges and mint.

Black currant also pairs well with fruit flavors like raspberries and blueberries. It’s also a perfect match for strawberries and cherries. Delicious in taste and a complement to gamey meat, it pairs especially well with rabbit, deer, and wild turkey.

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FAQs for Black Currant

What Does Black Currant Look Like?

Fresh black currants look like small, black, round grapes. The color is dark purple and almost black. Usually grown on bushes and sold in the form of stems.

When you open a blackcurrant you will see a flesh similar to a passion fruit. One black currant contains many seeds inside which are encased in a sour pulp. If you eat the fruit, you can eat the seeds as well.

Is A Black Currant A Grape Or Berry?

Even though they look like grapes, they are not grapes. It is a berry due to the simple flesh of a single flower ovary. If you want to know, grapes are actually also included in the berry group, including tomatoes and bananas.

Is Cassis A Blackcurrant?

Some people refer to black currants as “cassis” but they are not the same. Cassis or creme de cassis is an alcoholic liquor and is made from black currants.

Americans are not familiar with black currant fruit, they are only close to cassis liquor so they call it cassis.

Are Black Currants Poisonous?

No, black currants are non-toxic, safe to eat and rich in nutrients. Several years ago, black currants were banned because they spread the fungus, but with the development of technology, now there are fungi exterminators and they also know how to grow them so as not to spread the fungus to pine trees. Spacing can actually reduce the spread of the fungus.

Can I Eat Black Currants Raw?

Yes, you can eat black currants raw, but beware of their sour taste. Some people eat it with bread, muffins and others.

How Do You Know When A Blackcurrant Is Ripe?

If it’s a deep purple color, it means it’s ripe. If it is still raw, the color is still green.

Hopefully, this article has explained to you what black currants taste like and can encourage you to give this nutrient-rich fruit a try.

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