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What Does Beaver Taste Like? How to Cook Beaver?

What Does Beaver Taste Like

What does beaver taste like – Do you want to try new foods that people have never eaten. Beaver became one of the choices now began to be eaten by some people. But I don’t recommend you to eat it, this is not a human food, there are many other foods that are more suitable for humans like bone marrow.

But if you ask what it feels like an otter, then we will explain here as discussed by the Eatdelight site.

Some mention that beaver is the perfect food for you to try.

The beaver is a source of protein, iron, and the best and most delicious source of vitamin A. The body fat is.

Eating beaver meat sounds not good and unpleasant. But some people who eat it only pay attention to the taste that he thinks is good.

For beaver eating, rodent meat is mentioned similar to beef that is given grass feed. So, those of you who want to try it, this is not something strange.

What is Beaver?

What is Beaver

The otter is a large rodent and is referred to as a semi-aquatic animal and it lives in the northern hemisphere.

Beavers are the second largest rodents after capybaras. Americans and Canadians usually eat the meat of these animals and they are the main consumers.

The liver and legs of the beaver are the best parts of this animal to eat, this is because the legs of the beaver contain the highest amount of protein among other body parts.

The tail of the beaver is also a part that many people eat, the reason being that the tail of this animal can be used as a unique medicine in medicine.

If we compare it to other red meat, beaver meat is meat with a very high fat and calorie content.

That is why these animals still look plump in winter, the fat content is very high, it turns out to play a role here.

What Does Beaver Taste Like?

What does beaver taste like? If you’ve ever eaten pork, then you’re probably not weird about the taste of beaver meat. for those who have eaten pork and otter, they say that the meat of the two tastes similar.

Some people who eat beaver say its meat is lean and others say it contains the right amount of fat.

Otters hunted in winter are high in fat compared to beavers killed in spring. If you want to try it, then wait for winter, because otters hunted in winter have a good taste.

The tail is also an unforgettable part because the tail of the beaver is also high in fat and tastes very promising.

The tail is also used as a garnish to add to other dishes due to its very high fat content.

While the color is dark, if you’ve ever eaten a rabbit, then that’s the color of the meat. The taste of beaver meat is mild, and you can eat it with only salt.

If you eat beaver, you will know its chewy texture, it’s just like you are eating beef jerky. Beaver meat is also a type of meat that is rich in omega 3, even higher than that in beef.

According to nutrition data from the University of Rochester Medical Center, one pound of raw beaver meat contains 100 grams of protein and more than 600 grams of energy.

How to Cook Beaver Meat?

Otters are easy to prepare and you don’t need much time for it.

Based on the advice of professional cooks, they recommend soaking beaver meat in salt water overnight.

Soaking is useful for removing unwanted blood in beaver meat. In the abdominal cavity there are castor glands. You can freeze these glands and sell them to people who want them as ingredients for making perfume.

One way to cook beaver is by frying it, but we suggest that you fry the meat that you have boiled.

Cooking the tail is very different, so when cooking beaver, it is usually separated by the tail. Beaver tail is full of fat and must be cooked in a certain way.

Meagan Wohlberg from The Northern Journal, Canada, suggests roasting beaver tails on a stick.

Meanwhile, the liver of beavers contains high amounts of a heavy metal called cadmium. This is generally not dangerous, but for smokers it can be a health problem in itself.

Smokers must minimize eating beaver liver. Smokers can only eat 30 beaver livers each year.

Make sure you catch otters at the dam or you buy them at the shop. It is possible for the otter to become contaminated with poison if he is in a toxic environment.

If you find an otter in a dangerous place, then don’t catch it because it is harmful to your body if you eat it.


After reading this article, you already know the answer to the question of what does beaver taste like. So, if you want to try it yourself to find out the taste, then we suggest that you get it from a trusted place.

If you want to cook it, then make sure you have learned how to cook it properly. because the beaver’s liver contains heavy metals, its tail is very rich in fat and so on.

Most people don’t like beaver meat, so very few people eat it. For some who live in Europe, America and Russia, they eat a lot of this animal’s flesh.