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New York Strip vs Ribeye: Differences Between New York Strip and Ribeye

New york strip and ribeye are two types of cuts of beef that are very tasty. For those of you who like beef and are looking for delicious food, we think there is nothing more special than these two pieces of meat. Even though both are equally delicious, but you are the difference between the two and here we will talk about the comparison between the new york strip vs ribeye.

Ribeye and new york strip are not ordinary foods, they both have a long history and date back. These are the two cuts of meat favored by the upper class.

What’s a new york strip and ribeye? This is the name of the location where the cow is slaughtered. Ok, the difference between the two is the location of the meat on the cow. Where the New York Strip is the meat from the top of the cow. While Ribeye is beef meat that is locate on the ribs. Different parts of beef, then both also have different levels of delicacy.

What is New York Strip?

New York Strip vs Ribeye

The New York Strip is also known as the abbreviated “Strip Steak”, this is a very popular cut of beef from the upper body of the cow. This meat is a boneless cut so the level of tenderness can be imagined. Its history dates back to the 19th century when this beef dish was first served in New York City.

To be precise, this new york strip is beef which is located on the upper back of the cow and close to the ribs. This meat is cut close to the longissimus dorsi muscle, which is not used as much as other muscles, resulting in a more tender cut of meat. The softness is affected by the marbling or the level of fat content present.

The New York Strip is the juicy, tender side and perfect for grilling, pan-searing, and broiling.

What is Ribeye?

Ribeye is also known as “Delmonico steak or Scotch fillet”, this is beef taken from between the ribs. This cut of beef has higher marbling, so this affects the taste. Usually ribeye has a rich, buttery taste.

Ribeye also has a very long history, starting in the mid-19th century in New York. At that time, beef, which is known as Ribeye, became a favorite food for the upper class, they liked it because of its soft texture and taste.

Even today, this cut of meat is still very popular in New York, often served in homes or in steakhouses.

New York Strip Vs Ribeye


Marbling is one of the accessories in the Ribeye type. This name refers more to the tiny streaks of fat that run through muscle tissue. The existence of marbling can add to the taste of the meat and its texture.

Ribeye New York Strip
Highly marbled Less marbled

Between New York strip vs ribeye, there is a difference in terms of marbling, where ribeye is a cut of meat that is richer in fat and seems to taste richer too. This is what makes many people like rib-eye.

The high fat content makes beef tastier, softer and makes the audience addicted.


The fat content affects the taste of the meat and its nutrition. However, unfortunately this saturated fat is said to affect our health. This is a type of fat that is bad for health and if it is always consumed it can cause problems related to the heart.

If we compare the New York strip and Ribeye, both have fat, but Ribeye has more saturated fat than the New York strip. In terms of taste, maybe ribeye is indeed more delicious, but if consumed in excessive quantities, this can be harmful to health.

Another thing that affects the amount of fat or not is the cooking method. For example roasting, this can reduce the amount of fat in a piece of meat, in contrast to frying which can add more fat.

So, marbling is something that must be considered in choosing a good cut of meat, New York Strip or Ribeye.


Both types of New York strip or ribeye have a very extraordinary taste, but both have different sides.

The New York Strip cut is firmer, has a bold flavor, it’s also crunchier and less tough. It tastes better when there is marbling flowing between the meat.

Meanwhile, Ribeye cuts of meat taste richer and more concentrated due to the higher fat content. The marbling content in all parts of the meat makes the taste melt in your mouth. It’s softer than the New York Strip and has a lot more flavor.

If you want to cook Ribeye, the best method is grilling, pan-searing, or broiling. This meat also pairs well with spicy and savory spices such as thyme and garlic. This is also a strip that is delicious served grilled, it can also be cooked roasted or pan-seared.

To maintain its rich taste, it’s great paired with a mild spice like rosemary.

Cooking Methods: New York Strip vs Ribeye

Both types of meat are very tasty and almost the same, but there is a difference in terms of taste. So, some people also cook it in a variety of different ways. In the following, we will see how the two compare in their presentation.


Grilling is a way of serving new york strips or ribeye. When grilling, the heat burns the outside and locks in the nutrients and deliciousness on the inside. But the seared exterior creates a crust that is also very flavorful.

For the new york strip, you can bake it 4 minutes on each side until half cooked. Meanwhile for the ribeye, bake for 5-6 minutes over medium to high heat. Before slicing and serving, let it rest for a few minutes.


Apart from grilling, you can cook ribeye and new york strips using the frying method, but this method will save a lot of fat on your meat.

Frying it will result in a crust and caramelization on the outside of the meat. While the meat inside remains soft and tender.

Frying the New York Strips: Heat a skillet over medium to high heat, add a little oil and fry for 4 minutes on each side.

Frying the Ribeye: The method is the same, only you fry it longer. Fry for 5-6 minutes on each side until half cooked.

Before slicing, let the steaks sit for a few minutes at room temperature.

Nutritional Value

So, which is your best choice, is it the new york strip or the ribeye? When choosing the best cut of meat, nutrition is something you should consider.

Both contain vitamin B12, iron and fat. It’s just that for this type of saturated fat, Ribeye has more fat content. In terms of calories, the ribeye also contains more calories than the New York Strip. Let’s look at the nutrition table below!

Nutrient New York Strip (3 oz serving) Ribeye (3 oz serving)
Calories 160 190
Protein 23g 22g
Fat 7g 11g
Iron 15% DV 10% DV
Vitamin B12 100% DV 70% DV

So, if you are looking for a rich taste, then Ribeye is the best because it is rich in fat. But if you limit the supply of fat and calories, then the New York Strip is the best choice.

Regardless of your preference, consuming in moderation is key. Consuming large amounts of saturated fat is bad for health. Then, both also contain calories and this must be limited to maintain a stable weight.


What about the price, is the New York Strip more expensive than the Ribeye? The price is influenced by many factors, including the availability of meat in the market, consumer demand, and market conditions.

Often, New York Strip cuts cost more than Ribeye beef. Ribeye cuts are cheaper because there are lots of stocks on the market and they can be easily found.

In addition, the New York Strip meat market demand is more demand, and the availability is also limited.

Then, the quality of the meat also affects the price. For example meat that has been frozen for a long time will be cheaper than fresh meat.

New York Strip Or Ribeye, Which Is Better?

Let’s take a look at the following reviews to decide which one is better.

New York Strip

This is a leaner, less fat cut of beef. If you watch your weight, then the new york strip is your best choice.

The low fat content makes it a healthier food than one rich in fat.


This is a steak from a cow that is taken from the meat on the ribs. Of course, this meat has more fat and gives it a rich and delicious taste.

If you are looking for a good taste of meat, then rubeye is your best choice. Remember not to eat in excessive quantities because it can increase your bad cholesterol.

So, New York Strip vs Ribeye, which one is healthier between the two. So, the healthier meat is the new york strip and the ribeye is tastier.

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FAQs for New York Strip vs Ribeye

Here are some frequently asked questions that important to you

What is the difference between New York Strip vs Ribeye?

The difference between the New York Strip and Ribeye is where the meat is taken from the cow. Because the new york strip is taken from the beef which is located on the back. This meat is a bit more marbling, but the taste is delicious, soft, and of course healthier.

While Ribeye is beef taken from the ribs of the cow, it marbling more and makes it tastier, but not the healthiest choice if you are watching your weight.

Which cut is more tender?

Ribeye is more tender and richer in taste than the New York strip, the reason being its higher fat content.

Does marbling affect taste?

Yes, marbling affects the taste of beef. Beef with a lot of fat content certainly gives a better and richer taste, this makes your mouth melt with its delicacy.

What is the best way to cook New York Strip and Ribeye?

Cooking new york strips is done by frying them or by grilling them. Both of these methods must use medium to high heat.

Grill for 4-5 minutes on each side of the meat, or fry for 5-6 minutes. The best way to reduce fat is to bake it. Frying can add extra fat to your cut of meat.

Are New York Strip and Ribeye both good sources of protein?

Yes, both cuts are excellent sources of protein, with 21-25 grams of protein per serving. They are also rich in other essential nutrients, such as iron and vitamin B12.

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