Meerlo Lavender: Top 5 Reasons to Plant It

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Meerlo Lavender: Top 5 Reasons to Plant It

Meerlo lavender (Lavender allardii ‘Meerlo’) differs from other types of lavender in that it has a lingering aroma and a very different appearance. If so, what exactly makes it different from the others? This is a question that many people ask.

Meerlo lavender has a bright, yellow color that can add a different and unusual feel to your landscape.

One of the reasons why I like it so much is that it’s different from the others, it’s yellow and it’s really interesting because what we usually see is purple. But that’s not the only reason to love it.

We’ve rounded up the top 5 reasons why Meerlo lavender plants are essential plants to grow.

1. Meerlo lavender brightens up your garden all the time

Planting Meerlo lavender gives a different feel from other lavender plants. Usually we see lavender plants that are green to gray with purple flowers, but this plant gives a distinctive color, namely orange to yellowish with green and gray leaves. This really makes your garden beautiful and charming.

2. Meerlo lavender is good when combined with other plants

This unique lavender plant blends beautifully with many other plants, and you can combine it with other terrific types of lavender.

Some people like deep reds or burgundies with Meerlo lavender. Plants like Sunset make the best pairs with Black Adder phormium and Leucandendron Ebony. This plant has unique and dramatic burgundy leaves. The color combination of these two plants makes it very suitable to be combined with Meerlo lavender.

I prefer to see bright plants, especially covered in green to grayish tones of the leaves.

Among the best companion plants paired with Meerlo lavender plants is artemisia. The leaves of the artemisia plant provide beauty and make this lavender plant really bring out its light.

3. Meerlo lavender is dry and heat resistant

The condition of a plant like this is very important because it can survive in dry soil so it has minimal maintenance and the owner doesn’t have to water it every day or every week. So, it is very likely that this lavender plant will survive and not die easily. That is, he can always provide beauty and color your landscape all day long.

In fact, it is stated that the Meerlo lavender plant is a very drought-resistant type of lavender.

Meerlo is not only drought resistant but this plant can still maintain its fertility by showing its appearance which is always plump and lush and beautiful.

But there are rules for caring for it, after flowering the meerlo plant must be trimmed by about 1/3. It aims to keep this plant dense and attractive.

This beautiful plant doesn’t need a lot of fertilizer or you can skip it at all.

4. Meerlo lavender can live in the sun or in the shade.

All lavenders need full sun, or at least 6-8 hours of sun per day except Meerlo Lavender plants. This plant can cope well in the sun or in the shade.

This plant has the ability to handle different levels of sunlight. This makes many people think of it as a versatile plant. It can bring beauty wherever it is and help create cohesion in your garden area.

Meerlo lavender also grows quickly, it will quickly fill a sunny spot or a partly sunny place.

5. Another reason is “because she is Lavender”.

Lavender, this is the reason why people like to plant it. One of the plants that many people like is lavender, so with that name many people have been silent about growing it.

It is a cross between French Lavender, Lavandula dentata and Spike Lavender, Lavandula latifoila. This plant has slightly serrated leaves, it has small bracts, French leaves, with tall, slender stems. The French plant and Spike Lavender are two plants that are both used as essential oils.

As well as being fast growing and adapting to drought and shade, this plant also has beautiful leaf shapes and is aromatic. The smell can be removed just by rubbing the leaves, the leaves can also be used to repel moths.

Meerlo lavender not only smells good on its leaves, but it has pale blue flowers. Usually this plant flowers in late summer, and what is really regretted is the short flowering time.

The flowers can attract many insects to come to it, such as bees and birds. It is about 14-18 upright stems. The flowers are very scented and they are great for bouquets.

If you cut the flowers to store them to dry, you can dry them in a dark room so the color of the flowers lasts and doesn’t fade easily. This drying usually takes 2 weeks to dry out all the moisture present in the flowers.

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Have you never heard of Meerlo Lavender Before?

Meerlo is a new crop. It was stated that this plant was discovered by Louis Meerlo in New Zealand, from the mutation of the Allardi Lavender plant in 2011.

The Lavendula x allardi ‘Meerlo’ plant was first sold in 2015. If you think about its history, lavender plants have existed since ancient times or the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Need to get this plant now?

If you like and want to furniture it, you can buy this unique plant at Home Depot, where this plant is called ‘Mint Julep’. Apart from that, there are still many other places that provide this meerlo plant.

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