How To Take Skin Off Salmon With Hot Water: Full Guides

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How To Take Skin Off Salmon With Hot Water

Do you work with salmon and occasionally want to make dishes that require you to take skin off   fish? There is an easy way to remove its skin from fillets, you can use hot water, but do you know how?

So, if you’re looking for a simple and effective way to remove the skin from fillets, then you’re in the right place.

Here, we will discuss an easy way to remove salmon skin with hot water, you don’t need to use additional equipment. Come on, read on until it’s finished!

How Do You Take The Salmon Skin Off With Hot Water?

– Prepare the fish, and make sure your fillets are free of any scales

– Place the fish in a bowl of hot water, the water temperature may be around 140 F or 60 C.

– Let the fish sit in the hot water for only 5 minutes, this will loosen the skin from the meat

– Now take the fish out of the hot water and place it on the cutting board

– Use a sharp knife, slip the knife carefully between the fish skin and the meat.

– Continue slicing the skin from the meat until completely removed. Be careful doing this so you don’t get too close to the meat and don’t cut into the flesh of the fish.

– If the it is gone, discard and dry the fish

– Now you are ready to cook the fish meat

How To Remove Skin From Salmon Without A Knife?

To remove the skin from salmon-fish without a knife, you can start by moving a spatula or spoon along the skin of the fish and this will loosen it from the flesh.

If it’s off, now put the fish skin on the cutting board

Finally, use a spatula or spoon to scrape off the skin on the salmon meat, maybe you have to do it several times until the meat is completely clean from the skin.

Make sure you move the spatula gently, don’t be in a hurry, if you are just a little rough then the salmon meat can be damaged.

When Do You Remove Salmon Skin, Before Or After Cooking?

If you ask when you remove the skin from salmon, is it after cooking or before. The answer is according to your individual preferences or according to the recipe that you follow.

If you want to bake the salmon, or grill or pan fry the fish, then it is better if you leave the skin on while cooking. This will help keep your salmon flavorful and moist.

However, if you are planning on poaching the salmon fillets or steaming it, then it is best for you to remove the skin from the fish before cooking. This will make your meat absorb the spices perfectly.

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How To Take Skin Off Salmon Fillets

If you want to remove the skin from a fillet, place it on a cutting board and use a sharp knife to make a shallow cut between the skin and the flesh.

Next, you can slide the knife between the skin and meat carefully. Keep your knife as close to the skin of the salmon as possible. Keep cutting until your knife blade reaches the end of the fillet, and gently lift it off your fingers.

If you find any stubborn spots on the body of the salmon, use a knife to scrape them off, making sure to remove the skin afterward.

How To Remove Fish Skin Easily

How To Remove Fish Skin Easily

There is an easy way to remove the skin from fish, start by making sure the fish is completely thawed if you have frozen it.

Place the fish on a cutting board, and make shallow cuts along the back of the fish with a sharp knife. Then move the knife in the same direction as the fish scales, and slice along flesh.

Then, you can peel off the skin of the fish with your hands, pulling it in the same direction as the scales.

How To Take Skin Off Salmon After Cooking

If you’ve cooked fish, and now want to remove the skin, then you can use a spatula to gently lift the edges of the salmon skin.

Once you have lifted the edge of the skin on the fish, then carefully slide the spatula between the skin and the meat.

Once the spatula is between the skin and the flesh, press down gently on the salmon to separate the skin from the meat, but do it slowly.

If the skin is loose, you can pick it up easily with your hands.

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FAQs about Taking Off Salmon Skin

Do you take the silver skin off salmon?

Yes, you should remove the silver skin-color before cooking the salmon

Why pour hot water on fish skin?

Pouring hot water over the salmon fish is important for loosening and loosening the crust, this makes it easier for you to remove the scales from the fish.


An easy way to peel it is skin is by using hot water. This method is very versatile for cooking salmon. Removing it allows the spices to penetrate properly and add to the flavor of the fish.

Removing this before cooking can also reduce the fat in salmon servings.

Using hot water can make it easier for you to peel and remove the skin from the fillet.

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