How Long Does Limoncello Last? Does Limoncello Go Bad?

Limoncello is an ancient lemon drink with an alcoholic content, and now popular in many country

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How Long Does Limoncello Last? Limoncello Shelf Life

Limoncello is an alcoholic lemon drink with a sweet taste. Here we will tell you about limoncello shelf life.

Usually, Limoncello is served cold and you can also mix it with water, soda and of course this mixture will affect the taste better.

Limoncello drink has long been a drink of pleasure in Italy, this is a drink that is popularly consumed after food and has been done for centuries.

You may ask how long Limoncello lasts and how to store it properly. With proper storage, you can enjoy Limoncello much longer.

What is Limoncello?

Limoncello is a lemon liqueur and has been around for centuries.

This drink can be prepared in many ways, but the most popular method involves steeping the alcohol in lemon zest and sugar. Usually, Italians drink Limoncello after dinner, this will help digestion, just like most of us enjoy a drink before bed.

Limoncello can also be used as an ingredient to serve other drinks. For example cocktails, or frozen desserts. For additional taste, you can add ice and syrup.

This is a lemon-flavored liqueur and has recently become very popular in the United States, Canada, and also in New Zealand. Its popularity is inseparable from its refreshing and warm taste.

Italy is not the only country that is going viral with Limoncello, but there is another that is more popular with Limoncello, this is Campari. However, now Limoncello has become famous throughout the world. This is proven by the many restaurants around the world that have started to include Limoncello as one of their menus.

You can find Limoncello in many places.

Now Limoncello is easy to find everywhere and many are sold as ready-to-drink bottled cocktails. This alcoholic drink is also available on the wine menu in many restaurants around the world.

Even though the name is the same, namely “Limoncello”, the recipe for this drink varies around the world. For example, in Italy, Limoncello contains as much as 30% alcohol, by volume (ABV), while some countries in America serve this drink with an alcohol content of only 15% according to ABV.

Some people serve Limoncello as a cold drink with ice cubes, a lemon wedge, or orange with club soda. For variety, you can mix it with coconut milk and sweet syrup.

How to Store Limoncello?

How to Store Limoncello?

Limoncello has a fairly long shelf life, this alcoholic lemon drink can be stored for one month in the refrigerator.

Limoncello turns out to also be frozen and used according to needs and desires.

Well, in this way many people can get a drink to their liking, and it doesn’t take a lot of work and time to prepare it.

You should note that Limoncello will taste very good when consumed immediately after making or after serving.

If you want to freeze leftover lemon liqueur (liquor), don’t store it in a container that has air spaces, this can cause your freezer burn, but choose a jar that can be closed, like the one you use for homemade vanilla extract.

The best place to store Limoncello is in a cool, dark place, for example cupboards and pantries.

Why is My Limoncello Cloudy?

Do you regret Limoncello because it’s cloudy and you like the taste. You need to know that Limoncello will become cloudy when stored too long or too cold.

This is called “The Ouzo effect”.

The Ouzo effect is the spontaneous emulsion that forms in alcoholic lemon drinks. There is a Mediterranean drink called Ouzo, it immediately becomes cloudy when mixed with water and it forms an emulsion.

Ouzo drinks are very similar to Limoncello in that they are both made from water, ethanol and anethole which provide flavor. To prevent this from happening and to keep your drink clear, store it at room temperature away from sunlight.

If after letting it sit for a while and bubbles appear, then shake the bottle.

How Long Does Limoncello Last? Limoncello shelf life!

How Long Does Limoncello Last?

Well, this is a question that many want the answer to. How long does Limoncello last? or what does Limoncello shelf life? This is a liquor from Italy and is used as an after-dinner drink to help digestion work properly.

Considering Limoncello is a drink for this purpose, you might be surprised how much Limoncello lasts.

The most important factor affecting the shelf life of Limoncello is temperature. If you keep the bottle at room temperature, it will easily oxidize and the shelf life will not be long. You can find out by counting down the sari when you buy it.

If you always drink it and don’t store it properly, then after a month or so the taste will change a lot. Limoncello must be used immediately at least 7 days after it is made.

If you refrigerate it, Limoncello can still be drunk for up to a month, but the taste will definitely decrease in line with the length of its shelf life.

You can also enjoy Limoncello throughout the year without losing its flavor. After some time of storage you may see the bottle crystallize on the outside.

This doesn’t mean your drink is dirty, but it’s just an indication that the water has frozen on the inside of the container due to the cooler temperature.

So, for another reason, Limoncello is best stored in the refrigerator, or if not in the refrigerator, you should drink it immediately while it is still fresh.

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Can You Age Limoncello?

Have you ever wondered what happens after Limoncello is bottled, and sealed. Despite what many people believe, you can age the Limoncello and other spirits like wine.

Some people believe that once Limoncello is bottled, labeled and sealed from the place of manufacture, it is finished and there is no way to change the taste.

Aging does not refer to the time it was made, but it refers to how long you let it age. This alcoholic lemon drink is like wine, it is not made to be drunk straight away, but has a shelf life of one year or less before spoiling. Likewise with Limoncello, there is an expiry date itself, but as time goes by, Limoncello drinks will taste less.

Some people believe that Limoncello can become very complicated in taste as it ages in the bottle.

Some Limoncellos are 28% alcohol, meaning they can be aged for years without significant loss of taste.

If the bottle has been opened, then you should drink it within 6 months so that there is no change in taste.

Limoncello is a liqueur from Italy, refreshing and enjoyed for centuries. The Italians use lemon juice as a digestive drink which is enjoyed after dinner.

If you add a few drops of Limoncello in your coffee, then your coffee will be “caffe latte”. Also makes a perfect addition to fruit salad dressings or to cocktails.

How to Tell if Limoncello is Bad?

If you haven’t opened the Limoncello bottle, then it will be stored in a cool dark room. If you have opened the bottle, then the correct storage is in the refrigerator or you should spend it as soon as possible.

Well, the question now is how do you know if Limoncello is damaged? To find out if Limoncello is spoiled, there are many ways you can do it, including smelling it and tasting it.

Is it off-smelling or off-tasting?

  1. If the taste is too strong or unpleasant this indicates that it is going to spoil.
  2. Another way to find out is to see if there are any signs of mold on the lid, if there is, then you need to get rid of it immediately.
  3. Most of the lemon oil evaporates during production, and this keeps bacteria from growing quickly, so it doesn’t spoil as quickly.

The Limoncello may turn slightly sour from the change in temperature, and you shouldn’t worry, unless you notice a change in taste from opening the bottle.


The alcohol content in Limoncello makes its shelf life longer.

The best way to make it is in small batches and enjoy it while it is fresh.

You can preserve it by adding sugar, vodka or water, this will dilute the alcohol content, and can extend the life of up to 1 year if you store it properly in the freezer.

If not diluted with other ingredients such as sugar, Limoncello will last for 3 months, then it will change and deteriorate due to its high ethanol content.

If Limoncello is cloudy and tastes bad after you store it for a while, then chances are it is due to lots of lemon peels, then the acidity level is high, so the decay time is fast.

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