Alcoholic Wassail Recipe

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Alcoholic Wassail Recipe

Alcoholic wassail recipe is a recipe that has become a tradition in celebration of various holidays. Wassail is a simple drink that’s made in the slow cooker but you can also make it on the stovetop. This recipe is easy to process with fruit, spices, liquor, and of course with the presence of this wassail, your holiday will be cheerful and enjoyable.

It’s the perfect drink to celebrate holidays, have fun together and serve as a drink to toast your health. But this is not a healthy drink because it contains alcohol, for those of us who are anti-alcohol, of course this is not the best choice.

New Year’s Eve or big day’s eve, is perfect if there are many family members who celebrate it. but if there are only two or three, serving alcoholic wassail may not be appropriate. But if you want to try this alcoholic wassail recipe, you can’t go wrong either.

Alcoholic wassail has a history of its own, so if you think it’s about fun and debauchery at night, then you’re not wrong. Let’s take a little look at the history of Wassail!

Alcoholic Wassail Recipe

A little history of Wassail

The word “Wassail” itself has undergone many changes in its rich history. Wassailing originates from the Pagan people walking in gardens, singing and pouring wine on the ground with the intention that they could have a bountiful harvest as they thought.

Then the term continued to evolve, starting with the simple greeting ‘waes haeil’ which means “just be healthy” which later became the custom of holiday singing, and even the movement of raising glasses together as a form of toast.

Historically, the wassail bowl was first mentioned in the thirteenth century. This is a vessel where people have fun dipping cakes into it. The practice of floating bread chips in a wassail bowl gave rise to the use of toast as a drinking salutation.

Wassail is marked by a lively, boisterous, cheerful celebration, involving large amounts of alcoholic beverages. Even the wassail taints stories of peasants wandering the streets of the wealthy demanding treats during the Christmas festivities.

Wassail is also often associated with the 12th night or Christmas Eve, at this night’s party there will be a large bowl of wassail served where the apples sizzle and glisten.

That’s wassail, a popular drink on New Year’s Eve, you want to know how to make alcoholic wassail? Let’s continue reading our review.

Wassail Recipe

The wassail drink recipe is very simple yet aromatic with a complex array of flavours. It is a mulled drink, extracting essence from juices, fruit and spices.

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Our wassail recipe consists of apple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, allspice, dark bourbon and dark rum. For strong drinks, you can add alcohol according to your taste.

You can use any brand of alcohol, but the best ones include baileys, Amaretto, rum and kahlua.

Making wassail is very easy, add all kinds of fruit, and citrus, spices, and then it all cooks in the pot for one hour.

To prevent the alcohol from evaporating, you can add the spirit to the wassail, and cook it on low for 4-8 hours. Then strain and garnish with sliced fruit and herbs, this will be the perfect holiday drink for you.

Wassail can also be cooked on the stove top, this is the quickest way to make wassail, but some people prefer to use a crock pot.

The Wassail evokes a scent as distinct as the past, brings lots of compliments to each new day, and sends good news to everyone in the future.

Wassail is about many things: Fertility rituals for a bountiful harvest, greetings of good health, singing traditions, Christmas Eve drinks seasoned with joy, and wassailing all around.

The wealth of information collected makes it a strange word with the lavish stories of all time.

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